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Art in celebration of 9 million followers on the Genshin Impact bilibili and 3 million on Twitter
I clearly haven't whistled yet, but all the small animals came out in droves and pounced on me.
Happy birthday Thoma my beloved!!

genshin guys as people you'd meet out in the world but they're based off of dreams i had....

itthoma to start off the year:)

Okay so uhhh Name a genshin character and I'll give your guys a short story of your domestic(or not) life with them!...

My friend made me this picture for Christmas. It’s me, Diluc, Thoma, and Venti from Genshin. Just wanted to share since it

Ayato: Fuck Club Penguin, I got banned. Thoma:What did he say? Ayaka: "Bitch throw another snowball at me, I dare you" Ayato:......

Gaming 2021
Gaming 2021
Anon- Anon I could run for miles with this concept. xD -NO ROMANCE INCLUDED-_miHoYo is the owner and creator of
thoma relationship headcanons
Gonna start posting on here again. Have some genshin hs au

the masculine urge to kiss thoma gently that’s it that’s the post thanks guys follow me...

« General! Recruit Sora is here to report! *chuckles* I’m just kidding. But do tell if you need anything, I’ll be there. »
when they get baby fever
Gaming 2021
I’ve been neglecting my house in Genshin and as a result Thoma is being the most difficult 4* to ever come home hhhh
Genshin Drawings.
Henlo :D
Meet Thoma, my shield and pyro applicator for Childe and Kaeya. He likes cooking with Xiangling in my serenetia pot^^
Some of my recent sketches ^///q///^
~wip~ fixed the initial sketch