genshin guys as people you'd meet out in the world but they're based off of dreams i had....

After this Chongyun overheated and died, may he rest in peace

Xingqiu: Can you recommend me any books that made you cry? Xiangling: General mathematics 6th edition....

Merry Christmas y'all!! :D
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my starting gensh team vs my current one, based on this meme
Reject Finals week. Draw your main genshin impact team only meet this goddess and her three children on the road and your
Eternal WIP hahaha. This wip was for my animatic among us from Zach among us first streaming, I’m lazy to continue this
Who would you bring to brave Dragonspine?
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Genshin Characters as ‘Would you still love me if I was a worm’
A bit dense, but he‘s alright
I made xingtao food
impulse✨ (read left-right)
Genshinktober Compilation [Part 2]  Day 11 - Fatui Mirror Maiden and Pyro Agent Day 12 - Mondstadt Angel’s Share  Day 13 -
chongyun: this was supposed to be a date
My Genshin charms are now available to preorder! Preorders will close in just one week on October 25, so please help spread
due to his congenital positivity, he often experiences increased body temperature and sudden
10/9 happy birthday xingqiu
Happy Birthday, Xingqiu!
Happy Birthday, Xingqiu!
Xingqiu's birthday art from the Genshin Impact Twitter (2021)
happy birthday xingqiu !! 😚💕