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[image description: a digital landscape painting of the location enkanomiya in genshin impact. in the foreground is
unexpected affection 
kaeya x gn!reader
submission: “a scenario of kaeya waking up to see his s/o who is usually shy
❝ please, allow me to join you on your journey. ❞
kaeya wallpapers for anon. please ♡ & ⇄ & credit to use!
childhood friends au doodle dump from twitter

My experience with Genshin co-op has been so, so wholesome lately. I remember months back I used to get kicked or ...

white dress

Concept; “Welcome to Family Madrigal” song except it’s “Welcome to Family Ragnivindr” and sang by a teenage Kaeya as Mirabel ...

Happy chrisis

Give them a gift - Zhongli, Kaeya, Thoma, Childe, Nigguang & Beidou...

Their color contrast fuels me
regency kaejean
Random Genshin stuff from my Twitter (@ ca3_crazyanime3) again ✨ I love drawing these  but the details sometimes 💀
Anon- Anon I could run for miles with this concept. xD -NO ROMANCE INCLUDED-_miHoYo is the owner and creator of

I think Kaebedo is funny if you consider Rosaria. One of them is her drinking buddy and one of them is the guy she’s ...

i saw a cool outfit on pinterest and couldn’t resist the urge to draw Kaeya in it
head empty, just kaeya
zhongkae warm up!! getting used to  so i can put them in my sad and pathetic men  they are going to be SO SAD
 ✦ 300x300 cryo themed icons                        
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Kaeya Alberich × GN!Reader
Kinda changed up the plot a little, hope y'all don't mind
    Avoidance was key.
had to find these bc it's my main group (or used to be. Sorry Chongyun, but I just got Bennett)
bonus bc like I said, I
pov: you are a crystalfly
I'm looking at this picture again and realizing how weird and diverse this group is
a literal god
an exorcist
a boy raised
happy birthday, kaeya ✧ !!