figured i should post these now before their banners are over
here are guides for getting xiao and shenhe to level 80! (i
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i would like to discuss yandere!xiao . Why does it Just Fit him . literally one of the best xiao concepts . like hes so ...

One of the best of the best events of the best
Genshin Impact Version  “Fleeting Colors in Flight” Key Visual from the Official Main Page
online classes are yikes i hope u guys are all doing good i want to share some random doodles from ,recent or from a long
sweet treat
Demon hunting maids 🔫

genshin guys as people you'd meet out in the world but they're based off of dreams i had....

the way xiao was just There...

the damned will sooner die again than lay a hand on me
I will not stop stockpiling these till he comes home

Okay so uhhh Name a genshin character and I'll give your guys a short story of your domestic(or not) life with them!...

Genshin Impact Version  ✩ Fleeting Colors in Flight
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wholesome genshin impact charms 🍃🌪️
— preorders open 5th January ✨
xiao birds (shiny edition)
a little bird that falls in love with a beautiful song, and brings the singer little twigs & shiny things (’:
I’ve officially started manifesting