There is a lad among us. 
Woman bad
Yep, it's gamer time 😎
Trans people mentioned + Locked Post the Classic Gamer Combo
The ego is so fragile.


This is my best game ever! 🤣

Some moron, instead of telling the crew about the corpse I killed, decided to dance in front of it. Honestly, I don’t understand them, but it was fun! 😂👍

Watch to the end!!!


Это самая моя лучшая игра! 🤣

Какой-то дебил вместо того, чтобы репортить убитый мною труп решил станцевать перед ним с бубном. Не понимаю таких, ей Богу. Но зато весело получилось 😂👍

Смотреть до конца!!!

i couldn’t stop thinking of this when playing genshin….

Not that I’m complaining.

Gen Z culture is

Is playing amount while in online class and keeping your mike on to answer the teachers questions carrying the class.

Just got my ps5🤩
You don't like me photographing the ass of some women when I clearly didn't ask permission? Stupid SJWs ruining my

I may not have gotten Childe but I got my boy Zhongli 😱🤩

Daily Memes 2020

imagine being a npc and having all of your shit stolen by this random kid but you cant do jack shit about it because you’re a npc

AH, c’ *tousse*
How can I make Elliot Page being trans about me
Fort it’s bad, amiright? Upvotes to the left.
I can't believe its been thousands of years and he STILL holds up
What an underappreciated hidden gem. It needs a remaster!
Good Guy CD Projekt
“Hold this game in front of the tv mom”


I can die happy now.