Aleiya (she/they/any). A Genshin Impact sona I designed for @ayzenigma, my dear friend! She is, of course, friends with my
We did it, my good shade! My shade cosplay from my fanexpo 2022!  art tag // commission info
Day 2 of drawing peoples Among Us avatars. Tried out a different nose for this one and I like it :)
This ones of a friend we
Among Us X Sailor Moon
was struck by a sudden sense of inspiration in the midst of my math hw. light in among us
Legend of Zelda Cosplay Props made by Ren Fisher
Gaming 2022
This was not supposed to  I was supposed to fullfil  it was my 
Back from the dead only to disappear again
sorry for disappearing i had to go to the bathroom really bad (and make kaeya keychains)
Today is Genshin★Fes 2022 Artwork!
This is cursed knowledge