take care of yourselves!
She’s Just Standing There
Im on my xenoblade grind
Lady D and Slender man throwing hands at each. A fire breaks out. Someone blew up the grill. Another fire. Yep. This is Sims
Can't stop loving them✨
Gaming 2021
I decided to see what I looked like next to Lady Dimitrescu of Resident Evil, I factored in her high heels and factored in
I've not drawn in a WHILE but I entered #ResidentEvil Streamily Art Contest! If anyone wants to put a lil' vote in for me

I like to think that Alcina has scars on her back, arms, and possibly, head from the tendrils coming out during her ...

We’ve got two more! And I love them both 

Other Crewmates: Brown and Cyan; Green and Lime; Blue and White; Orange; Yellow,...
~ “I need free time to make my mark in the world. BOOM!” ��
Here's your reminder that the game industry is fucking rotten

the only reason why baal isnt getting the lady d. treatment is because people are too cowardly to put a sword in their boobs...

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Lady D’s main source of inspiration I have found so far (from left to right) : 1/ Hachishakusama for the creepy look and

Not mine but sharing here anyway mean it's maggie and Nicole do I need a reason 😂? @belagender on tiktok...

Gaming 2021

"How old are you?" There're three of them left in the tavern, on closing time, with Venti pretending badly to sleep and ...

do y'all think that when lady dimitrescu gets frustrated with her daughters that she goes outside knowing that they can't ...

Natasha: *sinks into bed finally going to bed* “Finally”
Cassandra: *slams open door* I threw up mother

blood bath 🍷 🩸
some mirancina :) 🤍