i feel my heart shake, come ease this ache
Drunken Dragon - Season 2 Preview - Aumara, Tavern Maiden of Auristar’s Pride
Cyno leaks! 🥺✨
X | Shikanoin Heizou | Genshin Impact
pixel art study - Forest
happy birthday to the lesbians
fucking around (repost)
My first contribution to Ayathoma
Fun things to do in genshin when you’re bored! 
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notes: gender neutral reader, modern/college au, scara might come off as ooc as everyone
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Blocking proshippers is like playing a game of whack-a-mole More keep showing up...

Just normal night in Angel’s Share

I like how most platforms just use basic among us memes like sus but on tumblr we turned the crewmates into a fucking neopets...

Me too, me too, Caelid is fucking scary
things they like in a relationship — genshin impact 
ft. almost every genshin impact characters ( thoma, ningguang, shenhe,...
Warm up while I work on zine concept sketches today: Ajax | Childe | Tartaglia from Genshin Impact. Sadly I don’t have him in
wdym this isnt how the archon quest went
(based on this video)
The Gnarled Monster Gustave Doré 1870