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Kaeya having a conversation with himself

The Kaeya brainrot is strong tonight. Just like, imagine it:

You’re going about your usual banter with him when you start to tease him, pretending you’re about to go in for a kiss, him buying it and instead of your lips you put your hand over his mouth.

Then he takes it and kisses your knuckles, before pulling you closer and suddenly dropping you(like that dance move where you dip your partner and lean down with them). You’re inches away from his face but he doesn’t kiss you, instead just starting to dance with you, getting close to you before spinning you away.

Anyways one last thing: Blushing Kaeya, soft Kaeya, flustered Kaeya. Thank you, and good night.

The game keeps giving me Cryo damage bonus goblets. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I’LL BUILD KAEYA AFTER MY MAIN TEAM! GEEZ.

Another death by drowning in Genshin Impact

Kaeya doing that TikTok thing where he pretends to do the face scan thingie but it’s actually a string and he takes it and tied a knot in it with his tongue

Listen you are not changing my mind about this

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR HIS BIRTHDAY But as per usual with my faves I go too hard and then I end up late kjfkdsjf. Its

“So we’re in Khaenr'iah…" 


"And it’s on a completely plane of existence…" 

"Not completely different, just on the border between life and death but yes go on”

“And there’s just a portal to this place in Musk Reef?" 

"Congratulations you’ve caught yourself up” Kaeya said sarcastically, standing up. 

Diluc rubbed his temple and wondered just why the hell he decided to jump into a swirling blue light with a no good spy. But it was too late for second thoughts, Kaeya said that the portal only opens every moon cycle so he’d be stuck here for a while. 

“Why exactly does the portal need a moon cycle specifically?” Diluc asked, irritated. 

“Well it’s a very old relic” Kaeya had said “It’s magic is weakening. It used to be a continuous portal back before I was born, but in recent years it’s power has slowed down and it requires time to recharge. Plus do you know how taxing it is to travel in between different dimensions? It requires a significant amount of magic, it’s amazing how it still works." 

Diuc adjusted his gloves again, it was an odd habit of his to do it whenever he was anxious. Now, in another nation, in another world, he found himself doing it quite a lot. Perhaps it felt familiar, the tug almost felt like holding someone’s hand, though he’d be surprised if holding hands felt different. He hadn’t held anyone’s in years. 

"Well, let’s go now” Kaeya said, walking in the direction of the city. 

“Why would they recognize you?” Diluc asked. He had met Kaeya when he was five, Kaeya was seven. He can’t have lived for more than a few months in Mondtadt before father found him. He’d know, Kaeya kept crying and mumbling for his father in his sleep. It’s probably been years since he had last been seen around here. And who’s to say time didn’t work different here? 

“Why would they forget their prince?" 

Diluc’s head snapped to see a man coming from deeper into the forest. He wore mostly black with blues and golds decorating him, blonde hair hung half down and obscured an odd mask that only covered his right eye that was glowing yellow. A long cape flowed behind him as he walked, and he bowed respectfully before Kaeya and him. No, more to Kaeya. 

"I’m sorry, prince?” Diluc inquired, turning to look at Kaeya for an answer. 

“With all due respect, Prince Kaeya, you’ve never told this man who you were?" 

Kaeya shrugged "Never had a reason to” he said nonchalantly “If you’d like, you may introduce me properly to my dear associate here. You are a royal advisor and herald after all, Dainsleif" 

The man, Dainsleif stood up "May I introduce to you Lord Kaeya Alberich, heir to the throne of Kaenr'iah, son of the the Crescent Moon dynasty, and Kaenri'ah’s savior” he said. He didn’t seem to be lying and the way Kaeya held himself right now, seemed to suggest that it was the truth. Kaeya wasn’t some bastard, he was a fucking prince. 

“Hmm, never gets old” Kaeya mused. “Diluc, this is Dainsleif. He’s a trusted friend of house Alberich and one of my father’s closest and youngest advisors. Speaking of dear old dad, I heard the young man has finally kicked the bucket?" 

Dainsleif nodded "Indeed. I arranged for you to be brought back here for his funeral and your eventual coronation as king" 

Dilcu saw Kaeya’s fists clench, seemingly not fond of the idea of being king. He couldn’t argue with that, being a carefree prince seemed easier than a king with the fate of an entire kingdom on his shoulders. 

"I believe you said your companions name was Diluc?" 

"Hmm? Oh yes, this is Diluc, he’s a member of the Fatui, an organization that has helped me with my goal quite a bit" 

Dainsleif looked at Diluc suspiciously,  Diluc pretended not to notice and tried to prevent himself from maiming Kaeya for using the Fatui of all originations for cover. "Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have a guest…”

“That’s the spirit!” Kaeya cheered.

“There’s a carriage awaiting us, just this way, Prince Kaeya, brother Diluc" 

Diluc still couldn’t quite wrap his head around the whole "Prince Kaeya” thing. Prince? This bastard? Well, bastard doesn’t really suit him anymore. 

“I see you’re still a bit confused about all of this, Diluc?” Kaeya asked. 

Dainsleif had ushered them into a carriage and rode on horseback behind them, the carriage itself was nicer than anything Diluc’s ever been in. Yes he was wealthy and had seen his fare share of luxuries, but this carriage was a lot nicer than the ones Dilucs been in, and this was just a fraction of Kaeya’s fortune as a prince. 

“You could say that…”

“Hmm yes, I’m well aware that Mondstadt and most of the other nations don’t have set rulers, rather most are overseen by an organization or a council" 

"And why is Kaenri'ah not? The monarchy system never worked for the other nations" 

Kaeya’s eye turn bitter and dark for a moment, peering out of the window "Kaenri'ah  doesn’t have a god to guide them like the other nations do. So, they turn to royalty to be their gods, to worship and grovel at their feet, to rule them with the flaws of man. It’s rater pitiful" 

Dilcu had never really thought of it that way. There was always someone with power over the nation, but not in charge as a whole. That was because the respective archon of the nation was seen as the true ruler. He knew that some archons even lived amongst their people like royalty, Rex Lapis had for a time he had heard. 


Humans ruling humans, what a mistake. No wonder Kaenri'ah was falling apart. They were godless, abandoned, they refused the gods. They made their own gods and ignored the warnings of the archons. An entire nation, suffering from pride. No wonder Kaeya’s symbol was the peacock, all flare, too proud to pay any attention, to bow down to anyone. Fitting for a godless country

There seemed to be peacock motifs everywhere in Khaenri'ah. Flagpoles flew the emblem of a peacock, citizens were dressed in rich blues and greens, with gold adorning those who looked to be part of a wealthier caste. The godless city, suffering from their hubris, proudly flying flags with a peacock of all things on them. What fools. Dilcu almost wanted to laugh at the irony. 


Red eyes met a single lilac one "Be careful. The walls have ears here in Kaenri'ah. Be careful of what you say" 

Diluc scoffed "Are you concerned about me?" 

Kaeya shrugged "If you don’t want them to find out. And frankly, I’d like it if I didn’t have to say I didn’t know you. The people here are going to maim you if they find out you’re this… defender of Mondstadt" 

Kaeya had a point, for once. Mondstadt was supposed to be Kaenri'ah’s enemy. Diluc would be dead if he was found out. He didn’t really have a choice. He was stuck here until the gateway opened again and he could return home. Home… to that empty mansion, to the quiet tavern, with no one but servants and workers surrounding him. Mondtadt’s most eligible bachelor, the wealthy young prodigy, the rich and famous Master Diluc! What a joke. Empty lies, all of them. 

They rode on in silence for a while, Kaeya absentmindedly looking out the window while Diluc sat and looked down at his feet.

"We’re here” Kaeya said. The door to the carriage opened, the two men stepped out, and Diluc’s breath hitched at the site of the giant palace. Architecture unlike any he’s ever seen, the colossal white and grey palace almost seemed to scrape the heavens. 

“Welcome to Babylon, palace of the godless”

A colossal palace, built so high it scraped the heavens. A vain attempt to reach the gods. How fitting, Kaenri'ah really was the city of peacocks, the city of fools and bastard, city of the godless. 

Come on let’s get moving, we’re not frozen in place after all.   My number 1 husband in Genshin. 

multiple requested: part two to “too cold”

pairing: kaeya alberich x gn!reader

style & genre: written; ??

warnings: brief mentions of death

notes: hi i lied i will be writing because i’m stressed hehe, enjoy part two ☺️ is this scientifically accurate,,,, ehhh to be honest i don’t really know nor do i know if that is applicable in this circumstance, this is just if you were wondering haha

part one


He lays his head on your chest, holding your cold hand in his.

Kaeya stays there for a while, hoping for some miracle that you weren’t gone from this world. Not yet, he says in his head, not today and not in the near future are you going to die. His arms come around you to squeeze you to him as he couldn’t bear the thought of having you leave this life.

The sun peeks out from the clouds but it is soon time for it to set as well. His eyes dart around for any nearby areas with people that could possibly help, which is quite difficult considering the both of you ventured pretty far from any towns. But nevertheless he needed to get you to a warmer area before the temperature fell.

He picks you up and carries you in his arms, pressing your face onto the exposed area of his neck and collarbones. He may have been a cryo user, but your body was colder than his naturally cool one, he could feel the prickly feeling against his own skin. 

Kaeya first looks around to try and remember the path the both of you took. He quickly recognizes the tree by the foot of the mountain you both jumped off of and follows the nearby trail in hopes of finding that one little town you saw. He runs as fast as his legs can take him and nearly cries in relief when he sees the shine of a lantern someone was holding. He calls out with a hoarse voice for help but the person doesn’t see nor hear him, a shout from another person overlapping his own. 

He heaves a breath and secures his tight hold on you before proceeding, feeling the soreness and pain in his stiff legs. Kaeya calls out once more and when the person turns to face him, his knees buckle to the ground and he passes out.

 There’s a warm towel on his face when he finally regains consciousness. Blinking his eyes open, Kaeya is aware that he is not at his home, nor at yours. There is an older woman by the bedside who looks at him in surprise before offering a kind smile. He sits up, despite her protests, and immediately tries to move off the bed.

“Young man, you need to rest!” She says, hands on his shoulders and then did Kaeya notice that his clothes were all changed. He takes the towel off of his face and walks towards the door. He still feels weak because of the long waiting you both had to endure in that freezing cave but the sole thing on his mind was to go find you.

He remembers blacking out and remembers having you pulled against him, but after that he had no clue what went on. When he swings open the door of the room he was in he sees a quaint little living area. Guilt sears through his body and he moves to apologize for his abrupt actions to the woman, but when his back is to the room, two arms wrap tightly around his waist and he felt tears seep through his shirt. 

Kaeya is frozen until another woman’s voice is heard. “You have to get back to bed!” What? Kaeya turns around, still in the hold, and is met with your face. It was flushed as an indication that you had gotten sick from the temperature but you were immensely happy to see him. He whispers your name because he’s afraid that you’ll hear his voice crack, pressing his face into your neck to shield the view of him shedding tears of relief.

“Kaeya,” you say which causes him to tighten his grip on you, afraid that if he let go that this was all just a dream. Your hand moves up to hold behind his head.

“I… I thought I lost you,” he murmurs into your skin. You shake your head and smile. 

“I lost consciousness because of how cold it was but I could feel you there,” you recount, “you were warm and I had to hold on.” Warm? How was he warm? Years with this vision kept his body at a slightly lower temperature than the average human. 

“Hey,” you pull him out of his thoughts with a soft voice, “I’m here thanks to you.” During his search, your hearing was muffled but you were aware that he was running. He was trying to find a place for the both of you and you can’t thank him enough for that. Kaeya doesn’t respond but only sighs into your neck. 

You are alive. That, he is grateful for.

extremely late birthday to kaeya from genshin impact <3
this was for kaeya’s bday lol sorry i wanted to get my gency post out of the way and have a buffer between art! this game
Something I drew for Kaeya’s birthday on 11/30!

Kaeya x Zhongli HCs: A Tale of Wonder and Lore.

There is a tale of ancient love and lore, of song and memory, woven between Kaeya and Zhongli. After the Calvary Captain barely emerges from an excruciating argument with Diluc, Aether and his team travel to the mythical land of Liyue. Kaeya’s friends desperately hope the sacred land’s magic will relieve their friend of a broken heart, their own hearts heavy with worry.

Luckily, the tale of love and wonder begins to unfold, the moment a certain captain looks upon a certain businessman.

Kaeya, for the first time in his life, is undeniably smitten with the enigmatic, divinely beautiful Zhongli. From the moment they meet, the normally calm, composed and collected Kaeya is transformed into a breathless, bewildered being that’s witnessing a miracle. He finds himself at a loss as the personification of Heaven graces his presence, no longer the sassy, seemingly confident Captain the team has come to know.

Aether and the other Rangers assist Kaeya in embracing his newfound feelings, helping him to forgive himself for the past he cannot seem to let go, and encouraging him to open his arms to life’s greatest gift: love.

The bond that grows between the Knight and Archon is one of genuine warmth, patience and unwavering light. Fragments of Zhongli’s past sometimes discourage Kaeya from pursuing the relationship, but through a series of trials and tribulations, he comes to embrace the feelings Zhongli has for him.

Zhongli experiences a series of emotional trials alongside the Adventure Rangers, one of the greatest adventures being a race against time. The race to rescue Kaeya from La Signora, who’s after the Archon’s Gnosis.

Not only does the ethereal businessman cement himself as The Perfect Gentleman towards Kaeya, he becomes an incredibly dear friend to Aether and the other Rangers. Once it comes time for them to part ways, they find it impossible to imagine their adventures without him.

Their pain over leaving Zhongli in Liyue is worsened by Kaeya’s heartache; the Calvary Captain is finding it unbearably difficult to even think of leaving his first and greatest love behind. Despite having made up with estranged brother Diluc at this point, Kaeya’s heart is in shards over moving on.

Fortunately, Zhongli also finds it impossible to break away from his new family, as he proves by showing up at their inn early the next morning.

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Help a girl bring her Zhongli home 🥺

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hi everyone! i’m lin <3

this is my formal introduction for my blog. this is a genshin impact blog, where i’ll be writing x readers for the genshin characters. 

note: i know of all the characters, but i haven’t met some of them yet, so please keep that in mind!

masterlist (not yet made)

requests: open

  • i will write suggestive themes and some general nsfw headcanons
  • i will not write straight up smut
  • (if you’re unsure about your request, go ahead and send it in! i’m open to talking about a lot of nsfw stuff, i just don’t like actually writing smut lol)

↳ i also do matchups! here’s some stuff you should add in your request:

  • would you like a romantic or a platonic matchup? (if it’s not mentioned, i’ll just do a romantic one!)
  • would you prefer a male or female matchup?
  • some of your biggest personality traits
  • some of your physical traits (optional!)
  • your favorite hobbies
  • a few traits you look for in a partner

matchups: open

please keep in mind i am currently in school! i’ll do my best to answer requests as soon as possible, but due to my current schedule, most of my posts will be in the evening/late night.

thank you!!

don’t mind me lol

but like even if you and kaeya are in a relationship, he would be following you around (whether he has work or not) holding signs like “ilysm” or “go out with me” in big letters. everyone else thinks its romantic, but you know better. you know full well that he’s doing it to embarrass the shit out of you and my god is it working. 

at some point he probably walked up to you, holding Klee by her sweater and pointing at her with sparkles, 
“I want one”

Tiny ZhongKae HCs.

• These headcanons are still a work in progress, but Zhongli’s drawn to Kaeya because he reminds him of Guizhong. Due to the similarities between Kaeya and the legendary goddess, Zhongli and the citizens of Liyue refer to Kaeya as ‘Princess’.

At one point, Zhongli tells Kaeya 'you remind me of what I lost’. Upon discovering the ancient goddess that may have been his crush’s first love, Kaeya loses heart in their relationship for a short while. It is through a series of events he realizes that Zhongli really does care for him, and doesn’t just see him as a replacement for a goddess.

• Zhongli’s decision to forfeit his Gnosis is tied into La Signora taking Kaeya hostage. The Harbinger abducts Kaeya in an attempt to draw out the Archon, mercilessly demanding that he sacrifice his Gnosis in exchange for the Princess’ safety.

Zhongli had been contemplating his life as an Archon for a long while, his heart growing heavy over his burdens. He willingly gives up his Gnosis to protect Kaeya and his new friends from ever being used as hostages ever again, and is relieved to no longer be burdened with ancient responsibilities anyways.

• The Adventure Rangers remember how Venti was affected by La Signora’s assault. Kaeya hates himself (even more) over the fate of Zhongli’s Gnosis, especially once Aether tells the Rangers of how Venti sought healing after the assault.

• Once his relationship with Kaeya is mended, after a series of emotional events, Diluc becomes The Overprotective Big Brother over Kaeya’s relationship with Zhongli. Zhongli exudes the most divine, warmest aura and seems to worship Kaeya.

Diluc doesn’t buy any of it. And doesn’t appreciate how Kaeya was abducted because of the Archon’s business.

• at one point diluc just walks up to zhongli, gives him 'the look’ and tells him 'i don’t like you’.


So uh I started to play Genshin Impact a while ago and no thoughts head empty only Kaeya Alberich ruling my mind

Lumine: What are you, five?

Kaeya: Yeah, five heads taller than you.

Lumine: …

Kaeya: Please don’t kill me, I was kidding.

my hand is in horrible pain, this is the last time i do this, but anyways Happy (late)Birthday bby


Finally soon I’ll get to finalized Liyue story