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Daily Memes 2021

Everybody is a main character to someone.


I  love  and I think about him a lot. 

This thought lives rent free in my head....

domestic zhongli hcs
zhongli x female reader, fluff/sfw
additional notes: requested by an anon! thank you for your request ♡...

zolotse i....

college art student albedos from twitter

@ the genshin impact fandom...

Uplift Everyone, and Rock On!! #EthicalMemes
They need pets too! #EthicalMemes

We could have been happy. I know that, and it is perhaps the hardest thing to know.


My original cosplay concept of a battle damaged Samus from Metroid! (By me at Faelia Cosplay)
Consider this a headcanon :)
even more scribbles of albedo between hw
Doodles of the strongest fighter of Monstadt
Daily Memes 2021
Daily Memes 2021

Hu Tao:..... Chongyun:Tsk, can’t believe you. Hu Tao:I’m not doing anything!!! Chongyun:You’re here. That’s all that matters....

anon: Hi hi this is the anon from earlier! Can I request razor x reader where his S/O shows him how to love and show ...