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Cloud Retainer: If one is tired of hearing tales from Ganyu's childhood, one may be interested to hear those of Shenhe'...

ok but electro delusion childe looking  hot

im about to talk about genshin discourse ok feel free to scroll past ok genshintwt is absolutely unbearable and i mean ...

The real reason why Aether keeps almost dying in Dragonspine is because he insists on wearing a crop top in freezing ...

Icon changes for Yae

the blessing of forgiveness (pt 6)...

🎶 The Nameless Bard 🎶  I wanted to draw him for a while now, and I’ve only just found the time to do it.
❝ The world is full of lost ballads just waiting to be rediscovered.  ❞
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Genshin Drinks - Lisa
Third in the series, with Lavender Blueberry Gin Cocktail for Lisa~
(Crème de Violette can be used

Ayaka: I need a 7 letter word for disappointment. Kujou Sara: Arataki Ayaka: Kujou Sara: it fits...

figured i should post these now before their banners are over
here are guides for getting xiao and shenhe to level 80! (i
[day 57]
ThomaTo 🍅
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just sayin’
day 178: just some scara scribbles
가뮤 by 然 先生@yun_ooyun
甘雨 by かわ@kawa683
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I made genshin impact bracelets to match the rings and earrings🌸😊

How Childe sleeps (Genshin Impact) ———— MOD IOTEN BACK WITH ANOTHER SLEEP RELATED POST LETS GOOOO (formatting and post will ...

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