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the only reason why baal isnt getting the lady d. treatment is because people are too cowardly to put a sword in their boobs...

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"How old are you?" There're three of them left in the tavern, on closing time, with Venti pretending badly to sleep and ...

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who is genshins number one girlboss poll here...

genshin boys as your high school bestie prt. 2...

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His outfit is so complicated but I love his design,,,so it’s a price I must pay,,
happy birthday to yanfei 07/28
I just think that Kaeya should get his own personal Abyss Herald :3c
electro lumine⚡
klee is the most terrifying character in this goddamn game because she really beat tf outta the primo geovishap by herself
Genshin again
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The party’s babysitter had to face a tiny little issue recently
am i late to the kazuhype
wanted to practice drawing anatomy decided sketching old paintings would be fun, got distracted by the amount of angel
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