🎶 The Nameless Bard 🎶  I wanted to draw him for a while now, and I’ve only just found the time to do it.
❝ The world is full of lost ballads just waiting to be rediscovered.  ❞
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I made genshin impact bracelets to match the rings and earrings🌸😊
Gaming 2022

the funniest thing about venti is that you could literally lie and say the most random completely left field made up story ...

Mondstadt 🌙

Ayo besties I need help about Venti. For the therapist series ehe~ What do you think is the biggest issue he has? (...

POV: You're Nameless Bard
online classes are yikes i hope u guys are all doing good i want to share some random doodles from ,recent or from a long
sweet treat
Demon hunting maids 🔫

genshin guys as people you'd meet out in the world but they're based off of dreams i had....

anemo archon
My friend made me this picture for Christmas. It’s me, Diluc, Thoma, and Venti from Genshin. Just wanted to share since it
wholesome genshin impact charms 🍃🌪️
— preorders open 5th January ✨

Okay but why doesn't Venti care about his Gnosis being stolen? He's just going on without it, no one brings it up 😭...

a little bird that falls in love with a beautiful song, and brings the singer little twigs & shiny things (’:
pov: you drank all his apple juice
☆…christmas fluff with ; VENTI venti would be crazy about christmas. glittery baubles, gingerbread houses, ugly
Oh no my hand slipped~
MAN memes series
“ My warrior, you’ve worked so hard.” “In your company, I never lack inspiration.”
Venti is more cruel than what we expect. This is a wip, I still have to draw the weapon :c