Little Diluc and Kaeya going to preschool with their homemade lunches. Kaeya doesn't want his grape juice carton and is about ...

Late-Night Laughs
I just started the way to Liyue and plotting so many ideas for Diluc fics hhhhnnn
gay baby jail for naughty wisps who steal all the wine
Gaming 2021
Evening date by Orangesekaii@orangesekai1
Angry diluc for the soul~ ❤️
Transparents cropped from the Genshin Impact concert merchandise by AeEntropy on Twitter (1/2)
stills of the boys i drew in this video! (1/3)
I miss her XD more content of Genshin gag and etc active on
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SAGAU Work , comfort, fluff, crack, part Beidou...

Scorching Flames (Diluc x reader)

rejection || genshin impact || part 1...

Genshinktober Compilation [Part 2]  Day 11 - Fatui Mirror Maiden and Pyro Agent Day 12 - Mondstadt Angel’s Share  Day 13 -
genshin art dumpp,,
Diluc sticker design 💕
happy halloween! this was funnier in my head
Halloween Wallpapers from the Genshin Impact Hoyolab
DAY 30 - Ghosts   
Diluc probably had a lot of expectations for how today would go, and this is not one of them! :'D Gotta
Hello Hello everyone :D
And Happy Halloween!!  (Well early since I just want to get it out there but still-) 
I've come
Gaming 2021

Kaeya: Ok, maybe playing ‘whose family is most dysfunctional’ wasn’t the best idea we’ve had. Traveler’s been crying in ...

New Genshin Impact Halloween Merchandise available on TMall