Please enjoy a crying Diluc, hehe.

  • It was the first night that you two slept together, and Diluc woke up ahead of you.
  • You were laying in front of him, so divine, so serene, so peaceful. He can’t help but guide his hand to your cheek as he’s squeezing himself closer to you, craving the touch of your skin. Seeing you like that instilled into him a feeling of peace and serenity, his whole body just instinctively getting closer to yours as if it was acting on its own, any distance between you feeling like a howling abyss that needed to be surmounted. You were his home, his safe heaven.
  • As you lay in front of him, Diluc would feel a wave of strong emotions washing over him. He’s been so alone, so cold, so guarded for so long, and he thought that this is his destiny, a written fate never to be changed, a truth deeply woven in the fabric of his being.
  • Then, he met you.
  • He fell in love with you, hard, and you tore down any walls that he may have built, showed patience when he was being stubborn, loved and tended on his wounds. You crawled under his skin, finding your way to his heart, and this realization was so overwhelming for him that he couldn’t help but cry - cry because he loved you so much, cry because he wasn’t alone anymore, cry because he had you. Tears would start weighing down on his eyes, silently falling down on his cheeks, stumbling on the pillow and sinking into its fabric.
  • He buried his eyes into his hands, trying as hardly as he could to suppress the flow of tears, worrying about what you’d think if you were to see him in such a frail state.
  • He tried not to wake you up, but he failed. His movements jolted you awake.
  • You opened your eyes and instantly felt your heart sinking into your chest at the sight of him: he was a mess, his face red, wobbly tears crawling down on his skin, leaving behind salty trails. You swiftly grabbed his wrists, pulling his hands away, giving him a worried look, asking him with a tear in your voice about hat was happening, wanting to know the reason for his tears. The crackle of your voice, the worried look of your eyes, just pushed him even further, crying even more vigorously. How could he be so lucky to have such a kind lover? Did you even know what effect you had on him? How smitten he was? You were so inconspicuous, you had absolutely no idea. You were so innocently staring at him, unaware of all of this, and he was making you worried. Over what? Over how much he loved you? Is this really a reason to cry for? As those thoughts were running across his mind, he’d want to cry even more. If only he knew how to cry with style, then maybe things would’ve been better.
  • He’d bury his head into your shoulder, drowning into your scent as his wet tears are slipping down on your chest, drenching your shirt, his hair sticking to your skin. You allowed him to collapse onto you, holding him into your arms, caressing his hair, telling him that whatever happened, you are there with him and everything is going to be alright. He wouldn’t dare to look you into the eyes, not yet, he’d just try to calm himself down, well aware of how confusing this sight may be for you, embarrassed at his state.
  • He loved you. He really did. Truthfully, deeply, unequivocally. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you close to him as he’d try to find the words for at least half of an explanation. He’d bother with the rest of it when he’d regain his composure, as right now, he was by all means a mess, and he couldn’t leave you worried for him.
  • He’d lift his head, bloodshot eyes meeting your gaze as you felt your heart clenching into your chest. You didn’t know what happened. You didn’t know why he was crying; you were left in a bitter darkness, and all you could do was hold him, and you held him so close to you that your fingers started to tingle, your knuckles turning marble white.
  • He’d open his mouth, hushed, almost inaudible words leaving his trembling lips as he’d apologize for worrying you, reassuring you that he feels fine. He’d exhale, his hot breath against your skin sending a shiver down your spine. He’d hold in his tears, placing a burning hand on your cold cheek as he’d tell you that he loves you so much and that he’s thankful to have you in his life. You’d mimic his gesture instinctively, holding his face into both of your hands as your thumbs ran across his wet, blotchy skin, disturbing the channels that the tears left behind. He’d place his hand over yours, interlacing your fingers, and would lean forward, pressing his forehead to yours as he’d whisper tender, heartfelt words.
  • “I love you, y/n. I love you so much it hurts”, he’d tell you. Tears started flowing again, washing over his gentle smile.
  • Hearing his crackled voice made your eyes heavy too, and soon enough tears started streaming down your face. You loved him just as much and you understood, you completely understood him.
  • His hair is tickling your skin, his hand is scorching hot, almost burning your cheek, yet you don’t care, you don’t want him to push away, you don’t want to let go. The tears will flow, bringing down any walls that may stand between you two, leaving behind just peace and serenity. He is your home, you are his home.
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my brain demanded cat  

I wasn’t a Diluc simp, but…

Lol im probably the only one here #chiluc

“So we’re in Khaenr'iah…" 


"And it’s on a completely plane of existence…" 

"Not completely different, just on the border between life and death but yes go on”

“And there’s just a portal to this place in Musk Reef?" 

"Congratulations you’ve caught yourself up” Kaeya said sarcastically, standing up. 

Diluc rubbed his temple and wondered just why the hell he decided to jump into a swirling blue light with a no good spy. But it was too late for second thoughts, Kaeya said that the portal only opens every moon cycle so he’d be stuck here for a while. 

“Why exactly does the portal need a moon cycle specifically?” Diluc asked, irritated. 

“Well it’s a very old relic” Kaeya had said “It’s magic is weakening. It used to be a continuous portal back before I was born, but in recent years it’s power has slowed down and it requires time to recharge. Plus do you know how taxing it is to travel in between different dimensions? It requires a significant amount of magic, it’s amazing how it still works." 

Diuc adjusted his gloves again, it was an odd habit of his to do it whenever he was anxious. Now, in another nation, in another world, he found himself doing it quite a lot. Perhaps it felt familiar, the tug almost felt like holding someone’s hand, though he’d be surprised if holding hands felt different. He hadn’t held anyone’s in years. 

"Well, let’s go now” Kaeya said, walking in the direction of the city. 

“Why would they recognize you?” Diluc asked. He had met Kaeya when he was five, Kaeya was seven. He can’t have lived for more than a few months in Mondtadt before father found him. He’d know, Kaeya kept crying and mumbling for his father in his sleep. It’s probably been years since he had last been seen around here. And who’s to say time didn’t work different here? 

“Why would they forget their prince?" 

Diluc’s head snapped to see a man coming from deeper into the forest. He wore mostly black with blues and golds decorating him, blonde hair hung half down and obscured an odd mask that only covered his right eye that was glowing yellow. A long cape flowed behind him as he walked, and he bowed respectfully before Kaeya and him. No, more to Kaeya. 

"I’m sorry, prince?” Diluc inquired, turning to look at Kaeya for an answer. 

“With all due respect, Prince Kaeya, you’ve never told this man who you were?" 

Kaeya shrugged "Never had a reason to” he said nonchalantly “If you’d like, you may introduce me properly to my dear associate here. You are a royal advisor and herald after all, Dainsleif" 

The man, Dainsleif stood up "May I introduce to you Lord Kaeya Alberich, heir to the throne of Kaenr'iah, son of the the Crescent Moon dynasty, and Kaenri'ah’s savior” he said. He didn’t seem to be lying and the way Kaeya held himself right now, seemed to suggest that it was the truth. Kaeya wasn’t some bastard, he was a fucking prince. 

“Hmm, never gets old” Kaeya mused. “Diluc, this is Dainsleif. He’s a trusted friend of house Alberich and one of my father’s closest and youngest advisors. Speaking of dear old dad, I heard the young man has finally kicked the bucket?" 

Dainsleif nodded "Indeed. I arranged for you to be brought back here for his funeral and your eventual coronation as king" 

Dilcu saw Kaeya’s fists clench, seemingly not fond of the idea of being king. He couldn’t argue with that, being a carefree prince seemed easier than a king with the fate of an entire kingdom on his shoulders. 

"I believe you said your companions name was Diluc?" 

"Hmm? Oh yes, this is Diluc, he’s a member of the Fatui, an organization that has helped me with my goal quite a bit" 

Dainsleif looked at Diluc suspiciously,  Diluc pretended not to notice and tried to prevent himself from maiming Kaeya for using the Fatui of all originations for cover. "Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have a guest…”

“That’s the spirit!” Kaeya cheered.

“There’s a carriage awaiting us, just this way, Prince Kaeya, brother Diluc" 

Diluc still couldn’t quite wrap his head around the whole "Prince Kaeya” thing. Prince? This bastard? Well, bastard doesn’t really suit him anymore. 

“I see you’re still a bit confused about all of this, Diluc?” Kaeya asked. 

Dainsleif had ushered them into a carriage and rode on horseback behind them, the carriage itself was nicer than anything Diluc’s ever been in. Yes he was wealthy and had seen his fare share of luxuries, but this carriage was a lot nicer than the ones Dilucs been in, and this was just a fraction of Kaeya’s fortune as a prince. 

“You could say that…”

“Hmm yes, I’m well aware that Mondstadt and most of the other nations don’t have set rulers, rather most are overseen by an organization or a council" 

"And why is Kaenri'ah not? The monarchy system never worked for the other nations" 

Kaeya’s eye turn bitter and dark for a moment, peering out of the window "Kaenri'ah  doesn’t have a god to guide them like the other nations do. So, they turn to royalty to be their gods, to worship and grovel at their feet, to rule them with the flaws of man. It’s rater pitiful" 

Dilcu had never really thought of it that way. There was always someone with power over the nation, but not in charge as a whole. That was because the respective archon of the nation was seen as the true ruler. He knew that some archons even lived amongst their people like royalty, Rex Lapis had for a time he had heard. 


Humans ruling humans, what a mistake. No wonder Kaenri'ah was falling apart. They were godless, abandoned, they refused the gods. They made their own gods and ignored the warnings of the archons. An entire nation, suffering from pride. No wonder Kaeya’s symbol was the peacock, all flare, too proud to pay any attention, to bow down to anyone. Fitting for a godless country

There seemed to be peacock motifs everywhere in Khaenri'ah. Flagpoles flew the emblem of a peacock, citizens were dressed in rich blues and greens, with gold adorning those who looked to be part of a wealthier caste. The godless city, suffering from their hubris, proudly flying flags with a peacock of all things on them. What fools. Dilcu almost wanted to laugh at the irony. 


Red eyes met a single lilac one "Be careful. The walls have ears here in Kaenri'ah. Be careful of what you say" 

Diluc scoffed "Are you concerned about me?" 

Kaeya shrugged "If you don’t want them to find out. And frankly, I’d like it if I didn’t have to say I didn’t know you. The people here are going to maim you if they find out you’re this… defender of Mondstadt" 

Kaeya had a point, for once. Mondstadt was supposed to be Kaenri'ah’s enemy. Diluc would be dead if he was found out. He didn’t really have a choice. He was stuck here until the gateway opened again and he could return home. Home… to that empty mansion, to the quiet tavern, with no one but servants and workers surrounding him. Mondtadt’s most eligible bachelor, the wealthy young prodigy, the rich and famous Master Diluc! What a joke. Empty lies, all of them. 

They rode on in silence for a while, Kaeya absentmindedly looking out the window while Diluc sat and looked down at his feet.

"We’re here” Kaeya said. The door to the carriage opened, the two men stepped out, and Diluc’s breath hitched at the site of the giant palace. Architecture unlike any he’s ever seen, the colossal white and grey palace almost seemed to scrape the heavens. 

“Welcome to Babylon, palace of the godless”

A colossal palace, built so high it scraped the heavens. A vain attempt to reach the gods. How fitting, Kaenri'ah really was the city of peacocks, the city of fools and bastard, city of the godless. 

have some genshin photos i did becaude i was bored

Geo Archon // Zhongli

Hi, I’d like to cancel climate change so that Zhongli can have his favorite drink again


diluc x female! reader
modern au btw,, ok so like basically diluc and you are rivals or sumn shit and whenever you pull something on each other and you outsmart them?? you say checkmate- yeah idk. it still makes sense if u dont understand the checkmate part lol

it was a sundy afternoon when diluc realized that he, y/n’s biggest rival, had grown feelings for her. he never saw this coming, considering the fact that he was convinced he hated her with all of his guts, but his heart worked otherwise, and what was worst is that diluc didn’t know how to act around her knowing he liked her and she most definitely didn’t like him back. he internally panicked and ended up screaming into his pillow to sleep, due to his mind being too overcrowded.

the next day approached faster than diluc expected. first, he woke up late, next his ride to school was mysteriously missing, then he was late to school, and now he kept constantly getting called out during class for either falling asleep or not paying attention the lesson like he was expected. “tch, your game’s really down today.” y/n teased from behind, smirking in the process. diluc rolled his eyes before adverting his eyes towards the board.

“what? can’t talk back because you’re too scared to get called out again? c’mon, diluc. you’re no fun.” y/n whined before crumbling a piece of paper to throw at his head. diluc swiftly turned around and glared at her as a warning. she pretended to act scared before rolling her eyes, resting her cheek on her hand to pay attention to the lesson. diluc heavily sighed before facing forward, blood immediately rushing to his cheeks the second his face wasn’t visible to the girl behind him.

“checkmate.” y/n whistled knowing she won this time.

“fuck, why am i blushing?” diluc muttered under his breath. the overwhelming feeling he felt towards the girl was too much to him, so he raised his hand, asking, “excuse me? may i use the restroom real quick?” he asked aloud.

the teacher turned around and raised their brow, “wait til i give you permission to speak next time, diluc. you have 10 minutes max. go.” diluc nodded before abruptly standing up to walk towards the restroom. little to his unbeknownst, the girl who was the cause to all of his mess ups today trailed behind in curiosity. she couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t playing along with her games like he usually would.

she peeked behind the corner and saw diluc towering over the water fountain, raking his hair to the side in frustration. it was no secret that she had a little crush on the boy. she was worried and wanted him to be his normal self again, so she planned on scaring him once he turns the corner, and that’s exactly what she did.

“boo!” she exclaimed as tom turned a corner. he yelped before groaning.

“wpdjekxjsjd- y/n, what the fuck?” (that keyboard smash is a joke btw. idk a single person who screams “wpdjekxjsjd.” i just dunno what to put)

“sorry, dude. i was worried for you, and i needed to get you in the spirit before i start getting bored.” y/n shrugged before shooting him a gummy smile.

“of course. i’m just someone you use for entertainment.” he muttered before walking past her. she looked him at stunned, confusion rushing through her head.

“isn’t it the same for you?” she asked. diluc halted in his steps. “don’t you treat me the same way i treat you because i’m someone you use for entertainment? why are you getting mad now?” diluc looked back at her, cursing at himself to not tell her about the secret butterflies he feels whenever he crosses paths with her. instead of interacting, he kept walking.

“hey- no! come here! tell me what’s got you so pissed and shit!” y/n jogged towards him.

“y/n, leave me alone.” he muttered.


“just leave me alone?”

“but why? you’re not telling me why? don’t expect me to just listen to you and ignore you when i’m the annoying person in your life for a reason?” she gripped his forearm, immediately regretting it when she felt how fit he was. her cheeks were painted with a light pink color, which diluc didn’t notice whatsoever.

“why do you care?” he tried getting out of her grip.

“because i just do? you’re human too, dumbass. now stop trying to get away and let me help you get your shit together!” she pleaded. tom huffed in annoyance, putting a stop to his attempts at getting away. his stomach was getting more light and light the more time he spent around her.

“i don’t need your help, and i’m perfectly fine.”

“yeah, and i dont like you.” y/n rolled her eyes before pulling him aside to sit down on the indoor bench to check his condition. after a few long seconds, diluc was struck with realization.

“wait, what?” he asked shocked.

“what?” y/n tilt her head in confusion.

“you just- you said-“ he stuttered.

“fuck.” y/n groaned before remembering what she said a few seconds ago. she distanced herself from diluc before turning on her heel, “you were right. you don’t need my help. see you in class.” her foot took one step and diluc was already up to keep her from walking away, the same thing he tried doing.

“you like me?”


“but you technically said you did?”

“no.” she looked everywhere except for his eyes. she was beyond embarrassed and wanted to be anywhere but near him. she didn’t want him to find out so soon. she planned on telling him at graduation, when everyone separated, knowing he only thought of her as a rival and nothing else.

“y/n, do you like me or not?” diluc asked in the most serious tone he could use. y/n stared into his pupils, lips pursing together in anticipation. she kept making up scenarios to what would happen if she said yes or if she said no.

she hesitated to speak before sighing, “i lost.” diluc raised one eyebrow in confusion. 

“what do you mean you lost-”

“diluc, remember when we said one of us can only win if one of us surrender or fall in love?” y/n asked, her hands forming into fists, her voice slowly losing itself. 

diluc nodded, “what? you surrender now? i was right all along-”

“no, i fell in love. i fell in love with you and i absolutely hate it. i didn’t feel this way when we first met and it’s all your fault. do you know what it’s like to like someone knowing for a fact that they don’t like you back because they only think of you as someone they hate and stuff? diluc, it’s all of your fault. it was only easy to hide the fact that i had developed feelings for you because i had to constantly tease you as your enemy.” y/n teared up for a moment before sniffing the water away from her eyes. “how did this end up with me spilling my guts? you’re the one acting like you were losing your sanity.” she frowned. diluc stared for probably the longest time yet. 


“we should get back to class. it’s almost been ten minutes. you go first and i’ll follow so the teacher doesn’t think we were fooling around. also, congrats on winning. you proved your supremacy after all.” y/n sent him a soft smile before motioning him to walk. tom remained in the same position due to being too much in shock. 

“fine, i’ll go first.” she rolled her eyes before walking away. tom jumped back into reality and gripped onto her wrist, pulling her into his chest. for a second, they gazed into each other’s eyes before diluc pressed his lips against hers. without hesitation, y/n kissed back, wanting to enjoy the moment whether he was going to regret it or not. 

diluc pulled away, “i never said i didn’t like you too.” he cheekily smiled. y/n’s mouth fell open. “i realized i liked you too not that long ago. i started feeling sensations i don’t feel around everyone and i was too scared to admit to myself that i liked you because, one, it seemed forbidden, and, two, i thought you only hated me.” he admitted. y/n blushed, suddenly feeling so soft for the boy who she at first hated so much. 

“also, checkmate!” 

Something I drew for Kaeya’s birthday on 11/30!

yandere!xiao x f!reader.

cw; yandere, jealousy, mentions of violence ig, possessiveness, typical yandere-ish behavior with a hint of angst bc i write too much ahaha

had to rewrite 1k worth of text bc my dumbass accidentally deleted everyhing aha,, (pls strangle me i literally cannot work well with tumblr why is it so difficult to use)

word count; 1k+ words.

  • What started as awkward attempts of communication coming form your part, Xiao had never expected for a mere mortal like you to come barging into his lonesome life with your stupid grin and your equally stupid offerings of homemade almond tofu.
  • Yet, it was safe to say that the adeptus had come close to considering you one of his more .. close acquaintances. Not that he ever had many of them. You were just a normal human that coincidentally worked in Wangshu Inn, tending to visitors and customers alike, but still going out of your way to visit him despite not being asked to. 
  • He remembers the stubbornness you had displayed shamelessly in front of him, not daring to shrink away like how everyone else did if they did so much as looked in his direction. You were different, you stood on your ground and shoved him your almond tofu which he had no choice but to eat. 
  • And, as much as he hates to admit it, Xiao had clearly been smitten with you. Maybe it wasn’t obvious to you, or to anyone else for that matter, but when you looked at him with that smile of yours that seemed to brighten each day, or how his face would feel just a little bit hot when you unconsciously got a closer to him, Xiao  — he wondered for the first time in many years, if this is what true love felt like. 
  • Yes, and no. He was wrong on so many ways, and he had just been absolutely ridiculous into believing in such a thing. He surmised it was his fault in the first place, no one asked him to let you grab at his heart even when you snuggled your way into it. He had a choice, but he dumbly went ahead and didn’t even give any of it a second thought. 
  • Foolish, an adeptus who’s lived for long years and more to come, only to fall for a normal, weak mortal girl? Xiao was incredulous. Maybe when he fell in love, maybe it was the horrible start of his maddening craze that began to seep from the tiny cracks of his cold heart. 
  • He fell for her, for you, and he could only do nothing about it because it was his fault. His fault for letting you into his life, his fault for letting his guard down and actually letting himself feel loose around a mere mortal —  a mere mortal who would only disappear from him, by involuntary or voluntary actions. 
  • Were you.. avoiding him? Of course you were, but Xiao can’t remember any of the details of when it had all started. Could he have done something wrong? That was probable, but it still didn’t solve the dull aching in his chest. Of the pain he felt when you no longer climbed up the stairs and onto his balcony in the middle of the night, or when he would find you sleeping away with a plate of almond tofu in your grasp as he returns from a mission. 
  • He missed you. He missed you so terribly that he couldn’t bear not being near your presence as he gazed up to the skies and the clouds and the stars and moon and the sun, and to the everything and everyone that passed by him in sonic speed. 
  • And when you came striding in to work with another man, Xiao was livid. How dare  — how could you leave him, avoid him, never interact with him again just for him to see you with someone else? The nerve you’ve got, Xiao could only sneer. But he figured that he’s known that since the first time he met you. 
  • To the first time you offered him your stupid almond tofu without backing out or even running away, the determination in your eyes too strong for him that he had to look away and just accept the dish. 
  • The absolute nerve you’ve got to waltz into the inn, work and talk as if nothing ever happened, as if you didn’t come and swiped his heart with your smiles and your voice and your everything. You took Xiao’s heart and his love and his affections, but you just had to leave him — like how everyone he knew did, leaving him with nothing but the dust of his memories of them. 
  • He was an idiot to even let you into his life. He’s known for a long time that he will only get hurt in the end, for the day which will come when the people he knew would let him go, or when someone would stealthily sneak into his lonely sanctuary and steal something so precious to him. 
  • But, he couldn’t help it. He fell for you, and you were none the wiser. Xiao fell for you and for you alone, and his heart can only clench in anguish and burn with cold jealousy when you would send loving gazes at your assumed lover. A man who was not him, a man that was just another normal human being, just like you. 
  • Someone Xiao was not because he’s an adeptus and he only knows how to fight. Does he know how to love? Maybe yes, maybe not. And that is only proven when you arrive at the Inn to work, with your lover not in tow with you anymore. Your lover that Xiao had looked at with piercing gazes that you couldn’t even notice (not when you’re blatantly ignoring him) was seen on rare occasions when you arrived at the Inn. 
  • Xiao knew that he was slowly descending into madness. He couldn’t do this to you, but who was it who took his heart and stomped it in front of his face like it was no big deal in the first place? He loves you  — he really loves you, but you simply just can’t get away from leaving him all by himself once again after opening up to you. 
  • Your relationship with your lover turned to become much, much more worse. Every worker in the Inn could see the puffiness of your eyes and the lifeless smiles that you offered everyone. They knew you had been fighting with the man who once followed you around your work place like a lost puppy, the man who would only give you winks and flirtatious kisses that only fueled the fire of jealousy in Xiao’s heart.
  • And as much as everyone in the Inn was worried about you, no one knew of Xiao’s tales. His daily work into slowly turning your relationship with your lover into something dire, and something that could never be fixed again. 
  • He had expected himself to act more cold, to become more unsociable and silent. To everyone, to you, and even to Rex Lapis himself. But, Xiao surmises that seeing you become hopeless at your bleak love life because of his own undoing, he realizes that this is not that bad. 
  • And when you came to him on a starry night, face drenched with tears and eye bags deep and dark like a never-ending abyss, Xiao said you were beautiful. In the silent evening, the sky littered with endless stars, in the balcony where you two used to sit and talk about insignificant matters, Xiao told you he loved you under all of it. 
  • No, he did not care when you cried once again, apologizing to him countless times like it was the only thing you knew. He didn’t care when you talked about how you were also in love with him but couldn’t pursue after him when the kind and strong traveler, with her floating elf fairy appeared in his life. He didn’t care when you told him the reason of your avoidance, he never really cared. 
  • Xiao swore to protect the people of Liyue as ordered by Rex Lapis, the God who freed him from his suffering. He swore to never let any of his citizens get hurt, and protect him until the day Liyue could stand on its own feet and more centuries to come. And he still wears by that. 
  • He couldn’t bring himself to touch your lover, a man of Liyue, but he found other ways to get you back once again. To render both of you hopeless, out of love and out of hope of what used to be your loving relationship, and to welcome you with open arms as he soothes you of your worries and your failed relationship. 
  • All because of him. And you? Xiao was glad that you were none the wiser. 

hi everyone! i’m lin <3

this is my formal introduction for my blog. this is a genshin impact blog, where i’ll be writing x readers for the genshin characters. 

note: i know of all the characters, but i haven’t met some of them yet, so please keep that in mind!

masterlist (not yet made)

requests: open

  • i will write suggestive themes and some general nsfw headcanons
  • i will not write straight up smut
  • (if you’re unsure about your request, go ahead and send it in! i’m open to talking about a lot of nsfw stuff, i just don’t like actually writing smut lol)

↳ i also do matchups! here’s some stuff you should add in your request:

  • would you like a romantic or a platonic matchup? (if it’s not mentioned, i’ll just do a romantic one!)
  • would you prefer a male or female matchup?
  • some of your biggest personality traits
  • some of your physical traits (optional!)
  • your favorite hobbies
  • a few traits you look for in a partner

matchups: open

please keep in mind i am currently in school! i’ll do my best to answer requests as soon as possible, but due to my current schedule, most of my posts will be in the evening/late night.

thank you!!

sir if you’re business-ing all day and vigilante-ing all night then when are you sleeping
Please. miHoYo. I’m begging you. Let me romance fire Batman. Let Aether braid his hair. Look, their clothes are even inverted,...
Please. miHoYo. I’m begging you. Let me romance fire Batman. Let Aether braid his hair. Look, their clothes are even inverted,...
Please. miHoYo. I’m begging you. Let me romance fire Batman. Let Aether braid his hair. Look, their clothes are even inverted,...
Please. miHoYo. I’m begging you. Let me romance fire Batman. Let Aether braid his hair. Look, their clothes are even inverted,...


Zhongli is CONFIRMED to be sculpted to be double cheeked up. Here's the credit for this revolutionary find  2nd Image:
Zhongli is CONFIRMED to be sculpted to be double cheeked up. Here's the credit for this revolutionary find  2nd Image:
Zhongli is CONFIRMED to be sculpted to be double cheeked up. Here's the credit for this revolutionary find  2nd Image:

……..diluc i think u mean


you get hurt badly </3

includes: diluc, kaeya, childe, and zhongli

the scene: you’re trained for this, you both know this — so how is it that things went this wrong? you were so confident the abyss mage was done for — that is, before it warps behind you, landing a direct, icy blow to your back. 

you feel the cold spread throughout your body as your partner finishes the mage off before rushing next to your side, catching your limp body before it hits the ground.

— diluc

diluc’s lips are pressed into a firm line, but his eyes express all of his worry and fear.

“try to stay awake for me, alright?” he orders, struggling to keep his voice steady. “there has to be people nearby, just hang on.”

you wince as he picks you up. “diluc, i’m fine,” you argue, though your weak voice and shaking hands say otherwise. “i can walk—”

“don’t be stupid,” he snaps, but quickly softens once he sees your hurt gaze. “just let me take care of you, okay?” you’re about to respond when you realize your voice is gone, the chill of the hit spreading to your face. “y/n? hey, talk to me,” he pleas, quickening his pace. he can feel his sturdy façade fading, replaced by anxiety and panic.

despite your strongest efforts to stay awake, you let your eyes slowly shut, the comforting warmth of diluc’s chest contrasted by the fear in his voice as he calls to you.

you wake to find yourself in an unfamiliar bed, looking to your side to find diluc pacing around the room.

“morning,” you rasp, coughing as you try and sit up. diluc is by your side in an instant, handing you a glass of water as he helps you sit. “where … ?”

“an older woman was kind enough to patch you up and let us stay the night,” he explains, sitting beside you. “how are you feeling?”

“terrible,” you admit, a small smile taking over your lips, “but i’ll live, thanks to you.” you hug him tightly, and you feel his arms gently wrap around you. “my dark knight hero,” you tease.

“oh, stop that. you’re not leaving my sight for the next month.”

— kaeya

his breath hitches as you grimace, hands already pale as snow. kaeya knows all too well the effects a cryo vision can have on someone, which only makes the pit of dread in his stomach grow.

still, he forces a tight smile, trying his best to reassure you. “you’ll be fine,” he assures, guilt hitting him like a truck when you let out a small cry as he lifts you. “i know it hurts, you just need to stay awake for me, okay? just keep talking to me.”

you urge yourself to do as he says, but you struggle to form the words you want to say. you can see past his smile, you always have — his eyes give away his true emotions, all the panic and guilt building up inside him. you try to return his reassuring words, but you can’t.

“kaeya,” you manage, but even the single word has no strength. finally, his mask drops, the true pain he’s feeling finally showing on his face. he shakes his head, pushing down his terror and holding you closer to his chest.

the last thing you see is the unfamiliar frown on his face as he begs you to stay awake, running as fast as his legs can carry him.

when your eyes finally reopen, you wince at the sunlight blinding your eyes. you’re situated next to a campfire beside the road, a pile of medicine and bandages beside you. kaeya catches your eyes almost immediately, kneeling beside you with a relieved smile.

“you’re awake,” he sighs, pressing a quick kiss to your lips and resting his forehead on yours. “i found a few travelers who had some supplies to take care of you; you’re unbelievably lucky, you know that? you worried the hell out of me,” he rambles on.

you’re about to tease him when you see the distressed look remaining on his face. “hey,” you say, pulling back to hold his face in your hands, “i’m okay.”

he nods. “you’re okay,” he says, more to himself than you. 

“can we go home?”

kaeya laughs lightly, tugging you up. “i thought you’d never ask.”

— childe

you’ve never seen him this angry. it’s terrifying, really — the air surrounding you seems to shift after he takes down the mage.

this changes as soon as childe begins to cradle you, of course. he’s all over you, rambling out comforting words as he hastily picks you up.

“c’mon, you’ll be fine, you’re fine,” he says, trying his best to lift you up in the gentlest way possible. “damn mage,” he mutters, eyes narrowing as he runs. “i swear i’ll kill every last one of them, i—”

“hey,” you interrupt, bringing an icy hand to his cheek. childe is shocked at how freezing you are, swallowing his dread.

“you’re gonna be fine,” he repeats. you shiver, clinging to his warmth. 

“it’s cold,” you whisper. he grits his teeth. 

“you’re not leaving me,” childe growls, hands gripping your form desperately. “not now. not because of some stupid mage. just hang on.”

you can’t bring yourself to respond, merely nodding. you press your head onto his chest as you close your eyes, lulled by childe’s familiar hold.

“y/n? hey, wake up.”

you groan as you open your eyes, childe’s face right in front of yours. you smile softly, poking his cheek.

“hey.” he grins, tackling you in a hug and enveloping you in his arms. you wince but wrap your arms around him regardless, laughing. 

“you owe me,” he jokes. “i had to run into some random village and pay for your treatment.”

you snort, pushing him away. “you should’ve let me die,” you sigh.

“hey, what’s that supposed to mean?!”

— zhongli

zhongli has never felt more out of control in his entire life as he catches your weak body, eyes wide.

“y/n? hey, look at me.” he turns your head, shocked at how you seemed to have dulled. “stay with me, we’re going to get you some help.”

you let out a weak protest when he starts to lift you, heading back towards liyue. “it hurts,” you wince, losing feeling in your arms. 

he nods, pursing his lips as he does his best to keep his cool. it was usually so easy for zhongli to remain calm and reliable; it’s one of the reasons why you admire him so much. 

that’s why your own heart breaks when you hear his voice shaking, his resolve fading. “i know,” he replies, holding your head close to his shoulder. “i know it does, just please, please hang on a little longer.”

you want to reassure him, to tell him you’ll be fine, but as the cold begins to creep up your neck, you can practically feel your body shutting down. zhongli looks down at you with desperate eyes, words you can’t hear slipping out of his mouth. 

you wake up with a start, jolting upwards. you regret the act almost immediately, wincing in pain. a warm palm gently guides you back down towards the bed.

“you need to rest,” zhongli says softly, pulling the sheets back over your body. he places a steaming cup of tea on the night stand before sitting next to you, brushing back your hair. “you really worried me, you know,” he whispers, hand resting on your cheek.

you nod, placing your hand over his. “i know. sorry,” you reply, but he shakes his head with a small smile.

“always apologizing,” he sighs. “what am i going to do with you?”

“maybe you can … lay with me for a bit?”

his smile widens. “you read my mind.”


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Some Genshin Merch!
Some Genshin Merch!
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I’m sorry but if you’re simultaneously a simp for Archon grandpa, ginger head, Ice daddy and Sir Darknight, the only word that can describe you is Horny

Diluc, watching an awkward Jean and Lisa flirting: They’re cute. I’d put them in a boat.

Kaeya: What?

Diluc: Isn’t that what it’s called? When you think people would be good together? They’re on a boat?


Kaeya: You mean you ship them?