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flowers in the abyss.

summary: Childe meets the princess of the abyss as a child, and visits her once he’s older.
notes: SPOILERS for childe’s personal stories which this fic is based on, childe is referred to as ajax/tartaglia, mentions of death and violence, romance, au where they meet when childe is a kid, light angst, no romance until Childe is an adult, 3339 words
a/n: Childe is always Lumine’s biggest fan, no matter the universe.

Ajax is going to die.

Ajax is going to die and the last thing he sees will be a beautiful girl, her eyes flecks of amber ice, watching over him impassively.

The monster that stands over him roars, and the earth shakes. His hands are numb and his cracked fingers are bleeding from the cold. The stick he holds in his hand is pitiful compared to the rippling muscles and the thick fur of the beast that stands before him.

It’s okay, Ajax tells himself. Death is an old friend to everyone in Snezhnaya. He has watched his father slit the belly of fish. He has seen his mother dig her hands in the guts of a slain boar. He has seen frost in the face of his grandfather, lying as still as the freshly fallen snow they bury him under.

Everyone is an animal, he thinks. They all fall to the ice eventually. But until they do, they spend every second fighting for the right to survive.

That is why Ajax cannot go down without a fight. Even if his legs shake, even if his tears have frozen on his eyelashes, he cannot turn back now. He will be the hero in every story his father tells him.

Still, he turns his eyes to the girl who watches over him. The last thing he sees, he thinks, will be a girl as beautiful as death. There is comfort to be found in her cold face.

The monster screams, and the earth responds with a tremor. Ajax raises his stick, and he pretends it is a sword. For his siblings, he thinks. For his family.

Suddenly, the girl leaps. There is a flash of silver, and a spray of blood, and the monster falls under the girl’s blade.

She says nothing as she stands in front of him, and the monster shudders a dying gasp.

Ajax reaches out his hand, and he is not sure what he means to do, whether he is reaching for salvation or out of fear.

It doesn’t matter. He falls, his body folding and his legs shaking. The girl catches him, and his vision dims.

She is warm. If this is death, then it is more loving than he expected.

Lumine saves the boy on a whim.

She does not understand the reason why, even as she rolls her thoughts around in her mind. Was it because the color of his eyes were as blue as the ocean? Or was it the way he stood, armed to fight with nothing but a broken branch? Perhaps it simply would have been too troublesome to clean up after his corpse.

No matter the reason, she has saved him.

And ever since the boy woke, he has said nothing. He does not wince when she cleans his cuts and bruises, wrapping bandages around his bleeding fingers. He is quiet when she brings him fruit and water, which he devours as if he has not eaten in days. Perhaps he hasn’t. Who knows how long he has wandered the Abyss.

All the boy does is watch over her, tracking her movements around the room she has unceremoniously dumped him in.

He looks, for all the world, like a little carrot-colored rabbit that has stumbled into a den of wolves. She towers over him, and he meets her gaze with wide eyes.

“You can go now,” Lumine says curtly. “Your wounds are healed. I have no reason to take care of you any longer.”

The boy jolts at her words, and for the first time, he speaks. His words are unexpected, and full of wonder. “Train me,” he says breathlessly. “Please. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met.”

She sighs. “Do you even understand what you’re asking?”

“I do!”

“Why do you think I would accept your request?”

“Oh, well…” the boy hesitates.

“Leave. You have no reason to stay.”

“But!” The boy looks at her again. “Please train me! I want to learn how to fight! I want to be able to protect my family if anything happens. There isn’t anyone else I can learn from.”

Family. He wants to fight for his family.

“I won’t leave until you promise to train me! I’ll bother you every day!” the boy adds with a huff.

It is only on another whim that she accepts. “Fine, but understand this. I will be strict. I will not wait for you if you fall behind. I will not comfort you if you cry or complain.”

The boy beams at her. “Thank you, miss! I’ll be the best student ever, you’ll see. I’m Ajax. Who are you?”


“Lumine… wow, your name is super pretty!”

She looks at his shining, expectant eyes and hopes this will not be a mistake.

The sword flies out of Ajax’s hand and clatters onto the stone floor. Lumine stands over him impassively, her blade poised at his throat.

True to her word, Lumine has taken him under her wing, and she gives him little time to rest. She is relentless and methodical, and if he is not careful, one blow from her will leave bruises for days. Still, he knows she is holding back just enough so he can learn.

“Do you understand what you did wrong?” she asks calmly. Her sword is unwavering, hovering a few inches away from his neck.

“I was too hasty,” he murmurs. “I… I rushed in.”

“Yes. Your eyes always dart towards the area you plan to attack next. You give yourself away.”

“I’ll be more careful.”

Her sword lowers. “I expect results from you, not promises.”

Ajax nods determinedly. “I will! I’ll show you that I’ve improved!”

“Good. Shall we go again?”

“Of course, Lumine!” He runs to pick up his sword.

Lumine can sense the boy coming from a mile away.

His steps are heavy and eager, and he has yet to learn to mask his presence. He lights up when he sees her, and waves his arms wildly above his head, as if she cannot already hear his approach.

“Princess!” Ajax yells. “I’m here for my lesson!”

The unexpected name startles her, and Lumine frowns at him. “What did you call me?”


“Why did you call me that?”

“One of the abyss mages told me it was rude how I called you by your name. If I want to show you respect, I gotta call you princess.”

Lumine sighs. “I see. Call me whatever you like.”

Ajax smiles delightedly. “Okay, princess!”

Lumine grips her sword tightly. “Let’s begin. Do you remember what I taught you last time?”


No one has called her by her name since she lost her brother.

Will she like it? Ajax wonders anxiously, peering around the corner at where Lumine stands somberly. Was she the sort of girl who enjoys such things?

She probably senses his presence even now, so there is little point in hiding. Lumine always seems to know where he is, no matter how quietly he sneaks or where he hides. She only pretends that she does not for his own comfort.

Finally, Ajax darts out. She turns to him, and he is certain his face is red. “Um! Princess! I have something for you!”

“What is it?”

Ajax quickly thrusts out his present from behind his back. “These! I got these for you!”

Lumine blinks at the flowers in his hands. They are a pure blue, like drops of the sky. It is rare to find such things in the abyss. Ajax couldn’t believe his luck when he had first seen them growing on top of a cluster of rocks. It has taken him most of the morning to climb his way up to pick them.

They remind him of Lumine, he thinks. Something beautiful in a dark place.

Lumine smiles at the flowers. It is the first time he has seen her do so, and it is lovely, like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds.

“Thank you, Ajax,” she says, a hint of warmth coloring her voice.

She has never called him by name before. He dashes off without responding, his heart trembling.

It has been months since Ajax has fallen into her realm, and it is not even shy of a year before Lumine finally sends him home. For once, he does not protest her decision, even if he looks at her with mournful eyes.

“I’m going to see you again,” he tells her. It is a promise, and a foolish one he cannot keep.

“You can go in the morning. Follow the trail, and you will see your family again,” Lumine tells him curtly, ignoring his words.

Ajax bounces impatiently in front of the road that will lead him back to the world he knows, a twisting path that trails through the darkness. He has been waiting there for most of the morning. Lumine watches him as he glances back, as if expecting her to appear from the gloom to see him off.

She will do no such thing. She has long since tired of goodbyes.

Ajax finally gives up on waiting. With one last glance behind him, he runs off, his small form disappearing into the darkness.

He won’t be back. No human finds their way to the Abyss twice.

Ajax loves his family.

He loves his mother, who holds him in her lap, even when he is much too old for such things. She sings him lullabies, and together they bake his favorite treats.

He loves his father, who tells him stories about heroes and monsters, and takes him ice fishing on cold, clear days. He will pretend to fall against Ajax, who laughs as he struggles to hold up his father’s weight.

He loves his little siblings, who toddle after him, grabbing the back of his shirt. Tonia begs him to lift her up, and he obliges as she giggles. Anthon will proudly show off his nonsensical doodles as Ajax hangs them up on the wall.

He loves his older siblings, who ruffle his hair, pinch his cheeks, and take him skating and sledding. They throw snowballs at him when his back is turned, and he retaliates by dropping ice down their coats as they chase after him, shrieking.

When he finally emerges from the Abyss, Ajax learns that not even a week has passed, even though to him, it has been months.

His mother’s tears soak his shirt as she holds him close. His father constantly checks Ajax when he sleeps at night, afraid he will be spirited away again. His little siblings will cry if he is away from them for too long. His older siblings chastely listen to all of his requests, no matter how silly.

Ajax loves his family. Everything he does is for them. To make them cry is a crime he will never forgive himself for.

Still, every night he prays to Tsaritsa. He asks for only one thing.

He wants to see his princess again. Even if it is selfish of him, he wants to see her. Even if it is only once, even if it is from a distance, even if she does not remember him. Couldn’t Tsaritsa, the goddess of love, understand his wish?

Is there any way back to the Abyss? The hole Ajax fell into when he first stumbled into the place is gone. The path that took him home is closed. Please, he prays.

No matter how long it takes, he will not rest until he finds a way back. Ajax has never broken a promise before, after all.

Whenever Lumine sees blue, she is reminded of Ajax. Blue is the color of his eyes. Blue is the color of the flowers he gifted her, long since withered.

Blue is the color of the monster that shakes the ground below her, facing an intruder who has had the misfortune of awakening it.

It happens from time to time, where unfortunate souls will fall into the Abyss. If they are lucky, they will find a way to escape. If they are not, they will fall to the countless monsters wandering around. Most never make it home.  

The man below her draws a bow. His posture is sloppy, but his stance is confident. Lumine watches. She never interferes in such matters; whether a person survived down here was up to their own strength.

She has only interfered once, years ago, for a little boy.

In a flash, the man leaps. He draws back the strings of his bow, and in a few fluid, elegant movements, the monster collapses, its throat destroyed, unable to even keen a dying song.

Perhaps he will be one of the lucky ones, Lumine muses. She turns to leave, when the man below her yells. Until this point, she does not realize he is aware of her presence.

“Princess! Did you see that? I’ve improved!”

Lumine halts. It cannot be. There is only one human who calls her that.

She turns again, drinks in every detail about the stranger. The years have changed him. He is much taller than her now. His voice has deepened. She suspects that if they spar, she will not win as easily as she once did.

It should be impossible. It is simply not the way of things; no one finds the Abyss twice. And yet, against all odds, there Ajax stands.

He has kept his promise. He has come back.

“Princess, I think I might have been injured in my fight.”

“You did not get injured.”

“But what if I did? Wouldn’t you feel bad if I bled out?”

“It would be your own fault if that happened. I trained you better.”

“I’m just saying, I might need your help patching up my injuries.”

“How am I going to patch up something that does not exist, Ajax?”

“Oh, I actually go by Tartaglia now. No one calls me Ajax anymore.”

“I see. Shall I call you that, instead?”

“You can call me whatever you like, princess. If it’s you, I don’t mind.”

“What if I call you a pest?”

“I’m hurt! Haven’t we been through so much together? I would prefer a cuter nickname.”

“A cute nickname? Pest it is, then.”

“On second thought, that is kind of cute, if you’re the one saying it, princess.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“Oh, I definitely am. Hey, do you mind if I come back here?”

“You may come and go as you please; I cannot control such a choice. Whether you survive down here is up to your own strength. I will not save you twice.”

Tartaglia is certain he loves her.

Tartaglia always visits whenever Lumine least expects it. The gap between his visits range from weeks to months, but whenever he sees her, his face brightens. In some ways, he has not changed at all.

Whenever Tartaglia appears, he brings her gifts. A conch smoothed by the ocean, that carries echoes of the water’s call. A collection of stories from his travels around Teyvat, each more fantastical than the last. A glittering dagger, sharp enough to draw blood with the merest touch.

Tartaglia never asks for anything in return. He is content, he claims, as long as he is able to remain by her side. Still, whenever she trails her fingers down his face, he shivers, and stills.

Lumine knows, too, everything Tartaglia does not tell her; that he is a Fatui harbinger, and that the only reason he travels the continent is to enact the will of Tsaritsa.

She knows, too, that he will never choose her over his own goals; he will relish in a fight if it came down to it. But that is fine. No matter how much she cares for him, if he gets in her way, then she will easily spill the same blood she had saved, all those years ago.

There is simply no need to state what they both already know.

Still, his presence is unwelcome to everyone but her.

“Have you lost sight of your goals because of that brat, princess?” An abyss mage hisses urgently to her after Tartaglia’s latest visit.

She gives him a frosty glare. “I have not forgotten anything.”

“It would be safer to kill him. You’ve granted him far too much leniency, letting him wander in and out of our realm at will. If you do not wish to dirty your hands, then I will personally–”

Quicker than light, she grabs him by the throat. “You plan to do what to him?”

The mage squeaks, choking out words as her fingers tighten. “N-nothing. Nothing! I misspoke! I promise I will not say such things again!”

She lets him go, a pleasant smile on her face. “Tell the others this, if they harbor similar thoughts: If anyone dares to lay a hand on him, I will rip them apart.”

Lumine’s touch is fleeting and precious, so when she cups Tartaglia’s cheek in her hand, he can do nothing but lean into it. Her hands are like snow, but he loves the cold.

“Is there anything you want, princess?” he asks with a sigh. “Is there someone you need dead? Or is there a particular souvenir you desire?”

“I could ask the same of you,” she returns. “What do you want?”



“I want to kiss your hand,” Tartaglia murmurs bashfully.

“You may.”

Carefully, he lifts her hand away from his cheek, marveling at the feel of her porcelain fingers, at the callouses and scars. He brings her hand to his lips, brushing delicate kisses across her knuckles.

“I’m yours,” he breaths. “If there is anything in the world you want, I’ll give it to you.”

“Oh? That’s a bold promise to make.”

“You can trust me. I don’t break my promises. I’m an honest man.”

“But I can only wish for things that don’t interfere with your orders, correct?” she muses.

“Haha, of course. Actually, if I may be so bold, can I ask for something else, princess?”

“You can ask for anything you wish, Tartaglia.”

“I’ll hold you to that. Actually, I was hoping you would spare me a fight.”

“You wish to spar? Even though you’ve yet to best me in combat?” Lumine asks, a challenge in her voice.

“Well, you won’t always win, princess. I was hoping I could change my losing streak today,” he responds.

Without another word, Lumine unsheathes her sword, and he leaps back as she darts forward. The clash of steel rings across the Abyss, a harsh cry that makes Tartaglia laugh in delight. There were few people who could match him in battle, let alone surpass him.

Ah, what a pleasure it would be to die by her hand.

Tartaglia’s next visit is sooner than she expects.

“I’m travelling somewhere far away for an important assignment. I’m sorry, princess, but I won’t be able to visit for a while,” he explains.

“I see. Shall I give you a present to celebrate your mission?”

“I would be honored.”

Lumine leans in, and he lets her pull him down by his shirt so she can kiss his cheek softly. Her lips linger against his skin as she feels his sharp, surprised inhale.

“Don’t die now,” she warns. If you must die, it will be by my hand. The promise is unspoken between them.

“I would never, princess. But can I ask for another kiss, for luck?”

Lumine laughs quietly. “I suppose you can.”

This time, she kisses him on the lips. Tartaglia is awkward and eager, but the way he touches her is always achingly gentle. Greedily, Tartaglia loops an arm around her waist, pulling her closer, while tangling his hand in her hair.

One day, Lumine thinks, they will meet in battle. It is inevitable that they will cross blades. The same little boy she once saved might be the one to kill her.

She would not go down easily, however. Death by his hand, or death by her hers; this would be a privilege they reserved for each other alone.

Yeah so… I wonder how Tart is gonna take the fact that Scaramouche (Scary Douche™️) just tried to off his girl.

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Someone pretty please slam down this idea on a table for a fanfic or something and then link me 😅 I need that type of energy in this ship haha

more childe !

A very ugly doodle but I want Childe to hand me this little whale plush I found on Amazon and tell me I’m gonna be alright

I’m struggling hard with my mental health right now and this plush

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Request:  “ just wanted to pop in to say that i absolutely loved ur fluff alphabet with razor!! it was so cute and such a fun read! is it possible if i could request a fluff alphabet for childe?”

TTYTYYTYTYTY!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY WHILE WRITING THIS OMGNJHGHFD TYSM FOR REQUESTING!!!!!! I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the Razor one!!!

A ctivities - What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them

Childe likes to go out adventuring with his s/o!! Specifically clearing out small hilichurl camps, nothing to big he doesn’t want to put them in danger. The rare moments of free time he gets he would much rather sit inside and bask in the presence of his s/o. Childe would much much rather have his s/o in his arms giving them soft kisses, rather then running around. This man needs a break from is fatui work </3

B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?

Childe admires their gentleness. He thinks that his s/o’s gentleness is amazing. He is so happy that he found someone as gentle as them, because they can keep him in check when he gets a little out of control.

C omfort - How would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?

If he was away from his s/o and had the ability to drop everything to go to his s/o, he will. Childe will get to them ASAP, and comfort them. He would buy something that they like, doesn’t matter what it is. He will smother them with hugs until they start to feel better. 

D reams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?

I feel like he would probably want to be a dad. One child, perhaps even two!! Childe is amazing with children. He hopes that at some point he can stop his work with the fatui and live a peaceful life.

E qual - Are they the dominant one in the relationship, or rather passive?

Childe is more of the dominant one. He does have his moments where he is very soft and will let them take the lead in different things, but most of the time his is the dominant one.

F ight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?

Childe’s forgiveness depends on what they both argue about. He would not be the one to apologize first, he wont let himself. He refuses to seem vulnerable in anyway, even if that means hurting their feelings. Childe feels so much regret when he sees his s/o crying because of what he said. He wants to apologize first but again his pride wont let him. When an argument is solved, he won’t hesitate to give them everything they want. He wants to show how sorry he his.

G ratitude - How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?

Childe is so so so grateful. He enjoys having someone to give him a reality check one in a while.

H onesty - Do they have secrets they hide from their s/o? Or do they share everything?

Yes. No doubt about it. All the secrets he hides are about the Fatui that he isn’t allowed to share with anyone. Any and all things about the Fatui he tries his hardest to keep away from them. He doesn’t want to put his s/o in harms way.

I nspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?

They changed how he acts around his s/o. He is more open to them about things he would never tell anyone. Everyday though Childe fears that they will leave him, overtime he learns that they won’t leave him. He calms down but that fear is still in the back of his mind.

J ealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?

He gets very jealous. If the two of them are walking around Liyue on his day off and someone starts stealing Childe’s s/o’s attention, Childe will be pissed off and very jealous. It’s not always he gets time like this. He’ll squeeze their hand lightly and is a bit more “possessive”. He wraps a hand around their waist and pulls them close. If his s/o were to tease him about being jealous he would deny it.

K iss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?

He is an amazing kisser. The first kiss was very soft. The two were on a date in Liyue and the sun was setting. Childe cupped his s/o’s face and asked if he could kiss them. It was a very soft n short kiss. If his s/o wanted to kiss again, he would be more then happy too!!

L ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?

He was a smug bastard. He hit them with the, “If i didn’t know better I’d say you like me.” and make them confess to him.

M arriage - Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?

He would love to marry his s/o. If he were to propose he would do it in a private area, he doesn’t want to scare them with lots of people being around. I feel like he wouldn’t care what kind of wedding it would be, Childe would let his s/o go ham.

N icknames - What do they call their s/o?

Pet names are a must. Babe is his personal favorite. He loves their flustered state whenever he suddenly calls them “Babe” or “love.”

O n Cloud Nine - What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?

He opens himself up more and lets himself be slightly more vulnerable but still being very cautious. It’s not really obvious to others unless he is jealous. He expresses his feelings with physical affection and gifts. He sees his s/o eyeing something at the store? Some how it is on their bed when they get home. 

P DA - Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching? 

CHilde is pretty upfront about their relationship. He does brag when he wants to, bragging about how amazing his s/o is, and how much he loves them. He likes PDA but not to much.

Q uirk - Some random ability they have that’s beneficial in a relationship.

Childe’s money. OKOK HEAR ME OUT, IT HAS ITS PERKS. Like if his s/o was gonna buy something for a friend or someone close like a family member but doesn’t have enough money, he wouldn’t hesitate about helping out, he likes leaving good impressions. He also enjoys helping his s/o out whenever he gets the chance. 

R omance - How romantic are they? What would they do to make their s/o happy? Cliché or rather creative?

He is very romantic. He is more on the Cliché side and his favorites are candle lit dinners.

S upport - Are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?

YESYEYSYYSYS!!!! He will help them any way he can, and he is constantly telling them how much he believes and loves them!!!

T hrill - Do they need to try out new things to spice out your relationship? Or do they prefer a certain routine?

He would love to try different things out!!!! Like never had a picnic on a cliff side? Childe wants to do that. Never battled him and his s/o wants to try? Go for it, he’ll go very easy on them but don’t expect to always win. 

U nderstanding - How good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?

Childe likes to believe that he knows his s/o very well. Who knows they might hold as many secrets as Childe does, but everyone has secrets so he understands. He is sometimes empathetic, he has gone through some stuff with the Fatui and has seen many things. When comforting them his empathetic side comes out.

V alue - How important is the relationship to them? What is it’s worth in comparison to other things in their life?

The relationship is so so important to him. Gosh he loves them so much and does anything in his power to protect them. He loves them and his family equality, and would never choose between one or the other.

W ild Card - A random Fluff Headcanon.

He secretly likes being the small spoon. Childe is normally the big spoon, but the one time he was the small spoon he LOVED it.

X OXO - Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?

Yes!!! Very affectionate!! His love language is physical affection and giving gifts. Childe kisses his s/o as much as he can, and cuddling is a must on his days off.

Y earning - How will they cope when they’re missing their partner?

He would be a little more moody then usual. Mood swings happen more often, Before his s/o leaves and goes on a long trip, he asks if they could leave something behind. Like a hair clip, a sweater, anything that reminds Childe of them. If you were to leave him a hair clip he would put it into his hair so fast!!

Z eal - Are they willing to go to great lenghts for the relationship? If so, what kind of?

Yes!!!! One thing he would absolutely love to do is leave the Fatui and go and live a normal life with his s/o. Thats one of his big dreams with you, though it may take a long time for that to come true he would do anyting to be with you.

I find it interesting how Hydro users are usually support characters both in personality and fighting. Perhaps it is that in


Childe tries to keep up the toyseller lie for his younger brother, Teucer. But when it finally reached its end, he turned upon the pale woman next to him.

“You wouldn’t kill me in front of my little brother.” his voice was weak, but certain. It pissed Ayame off, knowing he saw right through her. Either that, or he hoped she’d feel bad and spare him. Either way, he was right, and she hated every second of it.

Ayame laughed, a sound so cruel it surprised even her the second it left her lips.

“You think highly of me! I wonder how long till that illusion is shattered.”

Childe’s expression was unreadable, his lips a thin line and his eyes as dull as ever.

Her clothes where slightly torn from running around in this weird place trying to catch up with Teucer and make sure he didn’t get hurt from all the ruin guards, her boots where dirty and wet from all the puddles she ran through, and her hair messy and dusty.

The evening light that trickled in through the windows all around her bathed her in an ethereal light, making her look like a Goddess from a story book looking down upon a bleeding warrior.

“However, I shall humor you for now.”

“Next time we meet though, I’ll kill you.” a whisper, quiet and breathless, yet still present.

She smiled, looking down at the man sitting next to wooden planks and crumbling stone.

He knew she didn’t mean it. As hard as she tried to convince both him and herself, Childe saw that deep down, she still had a bright ray of kindness in her heart. And like the setting sun, it was as beautiful as a legacy left behind by a true warrior that fought to the bitter end.

He chuckled weakly, digging around in his pockets, he pulled out a plushie made to look like a ruin hunter.

“Give this to Teucer for me.”

For a moment her eyes softened, her glare wasn’t as cold, or as piercing. Instead, she looked at Childe with a deep understanding and compassion. Almost as if she knew what it meant to give up everything for your family, almost as if she did the same all those years ago.

For centuries, a corruption had grown, blooming like a delicate flower while its roots twist and spread their thorns deep below sight. They wrap around her heart, suffocating the fragile trust she placed in those around her, staining her view of the world an ugly brown like dried blood on rotten grass.

The sun kissed the golden sky goodbye as the moon rose in its place, moving the clouds and bringing the stars in the vast wonder that where the constellations smiling upon Ayame.

She couldn’t help but think of Childe and Teucer everytime she saw or fought a ruin hunter. Fresh memories of him invinting her to meet the rest of his family back in Sheznaya.

Ayame laughed, a soft sound that carried itself in the gentle breeze, hoping to find what she’d been looking for all these years. Her eyes fell fondly into the distant sunset, the colors of the sky so beautiful and serene.

Thoughts of Childe overtook her mind, how he managed to find a special little corner in her heart, how he’d been able to make her feel safe even after all that happened, how he’d managed to befriend her and truly make her see him as a good friend.

And as Ayame wondered about what fate had to give her, she sighed softly, closing her eyes as the dim light finally died over the horizon.

And she thought, maybe for a second, maybe, she could trust him.

Perhaps the world wasn’t as bad, and if two people that had to grow up too fast and throw away everything they had to protect their siblings met, maybe they’d be able too see the good in each other, and see the world for what it truly is, a cruel, twisted lie, but also a beautiful and heartwarming gift.

And so, a friendship bloomed. One that could mend their wounds, the ones times couldn’t touch.

Or simply, a lie based off of mind games and manipulation.

One, Ayame would surely win.

˗ˋ ❖;Tartaglia / “Childe” & Zhongli matching icons

— made for @ilyschuuya ☆!

˗ˋ ❖;Tartaglia / “Childe” & Zhongli matching icons

— requested by @ilyschuuya ☆

˗ˋ ❖;Tartaglia / “Childe” icons

— requested by @ilyschuuya ☆

i joined like 5 different worlds to do the Childe boss,fought the wolf of the north in one,died in two of them and a Diluc/barbara came in clutch,,,my bad-

i love this boi

soft 🔶💧💕


summary: how the genshin boys give kisses

characters: childe, diluc, kaeya, razor, venti, xiao, xingqiu, zhongli

warnings: a tiny bit suggestive in some of them

style & genre: bulleted & written; fluff

notes: i love them, that’s all



  • he likes to tell you that he wants a kiss, most of which is through simply staring at you until you turn your head his way
  • he’ll lean forward and press his lips against yours with a strength juxtaposed to that of what he uses for fights
  • in other words, he’s very gentle and kisses you with so much care you forget about his other 
  • his hands may start by holding your face but can wander down your torso to pull you closer

You exhale in exasperation when you hear the hilichurl war cry and summon your sword. After a bit, the last of them finally falls and you wipe the sweat off of your brow, throwing your weapon behind you to tuck it away. You place your hands on your hips and look around the area that Childe said he would be waiting for you at but he’s not yet here.

Your tired legs carry you to a large fallen branch, sitting down to feel the breeze to cool yourself down. You hear someone sit beside you and peek an eye open, seeing the man himself. He has a boyish grin on and you roll your eyes, accepting the kiss he gives you in greeting. 

Childe’s hands rest on your waist and they tighten when he deepens the kiss, pulling you closer. You sigh into the affection but remember what had to be doing. You pull away and raise an eyebrow, asking him what he is up to as you both were supposed here for one of your commissions nearby. He only winks in response.

“Let me have some time with you first.”


  • he rarely initiates kisses and whenever he does it is always with fevor
  • it’s not like he doesn’t want to kiss you, he does at every waking moment, but he prefers to keep that between the two of you and away from prying eyes
  • his hands come to hold your head so you can’t pull away, not that you wanted to anyways
  • your face will flush from the warmth his kisses give you as well as that radiating off of his roaming hands

The day has been as busy as all the others and he’s looking forward to seeing you for a midday visit. You made it a habit to pop in during afternoons to make sure he isn’t overworking himself by taking a short break. Breaks usually consist of small chat about your day or him complaining about the workload seeming to increase each passing second. Others include him resting his head on you and closing his eyes, stress slipping away while you run your hands through his hair.

There are some breaks, however, that are a bit different.

Your clothes are wrinkled, dress shirt slipping off your shoulders as Diluc’s deft fingers unbutton it. Your soft sighs are released into the room when his lips move to nip at your neck, soothing the red areas with soft, warm kisses. Your hands move from his shoulders to stop him and he’s amused at the weak pushes. The words that leave your mouth complain about how disheveled you would look when you return to work. He chuckles, leaning up to kiss you fully and leaving no room for protesting.

“You may have to stay a bit longer.”


  • surprise kisses are his specialty
  • they’re fleeting and they leave you flustered whenever he takes your chin between two fingers and turns your head, giving you a quick kiss
  • has absolutely no shame in kissing you anywhere but respects your wishes if you aren’t comfortable with it
  • absolutely loves it when you initiate kisses yourself and will tease you about how you can’t get enough of them

His arm is slung around your shoulders as you both are conversing with Amber about the new camps around Mondstadt. You nod at her words and accept to take a few of them in one area. But notice that Kaeya has been unusually quiet.

Amber leaves the two of you and Kaeya turns you around to hug you against him. He shares with you that he needs to finish off another one of his mystery missions which would be very far from your own. He loves being near you to see your face and make sure you’re out of danger so this mission has gotten him quite peeved.

A laugh escapes you with a look of endearment directed at him as you move to peck his lips. You feel him tense since you know he never expects you to do things like this so suddenly as you were out in public after all. His frown morphs into a small smirk at your action and you look away, trying your best to leave his strong hold. 

“You’re so cute, darling.”


  • he gets flustered easily since you’re the one giving him kisses most of the time that his heart skips a beat
  • he’s still not used to the fact that he is doing this with someone, who he loves dearly
  • his lips are a bit chapped and it’s relief when he feels your much softer ones against his own
  • he may be inexperienced, but he’s trying his best and you reassure him that you love kissing him

He’s frozen in place when you pull away from pressing a kiss to his cheek. You look in concern until he takes your gaze as apprehension to his reaction. He quickly takes your hands in his and looks down at his feet as he tries to formulate words in his head to tell you how he really feels.

Your gaze softens, knowing that it was a stretch to kiss him so suddenly, but you wanted to show your affection in this way. You would catch his not-so secret glances at your lips from time to time and you knew he would be a bit too shy and awkward to act on his own.

Razor’s hands tighten and untighten around your own and you see that he is still in his own head. When you decide to speak, he looks up and leans forward, placing a light kiss on your lips before pulling back and looking at you questioningly.

“How was that?”


  • he’s very playful with his kisses and will lean in for one, making you think you’ll receive it, and then pull away when you are mere centimeters apart
  • when you pout at his teasing he’ll just laugh before indulging you in what you both want
  • prefers giving you short kisses multiple times a day and will occasionally take the time to hold you in his arms to enjoy the moment
  • he’s always on the move so times like these are important to him

Your calls of his name don’t go unnoticed when he tugs you along outside of Mondstadt. He had said that it was finally the perfect chance for some time with you right in the depths of night when everyone was asleep and the stars shined brightly in the sky. While you were slightly groggy from being woken up from a peaceful slumber, the carefree smile on his face pushed you through.

You both come to stand in front of the large tree in Windrise and Venti takes the both of you up to one of the branches with his anemo. Once settled, you sit beside each other, hands overlapping with fingers intertwined between the two of you. Some of the crystal butterflies manage to fly high enough to where you both are and you see them fluttering by your eyes against the starry sky. 

He calls your name and when you look his way, he’s already staring at you with a smile. You smile right back at him and lean forward, but his cheekiness gets the best of him and you’re met with pure air instead of him. A laugh bubbles from him but you take the opportunity to place your hand behind his head to guide a proper kiss.

“That seemed to be enough teasing for you.”


  • he may seem as if he doesn’t like kisses but he absolutely melts when your lips meet his
  • kissing you is something he sees as very intimate and wants to keep behind closed doors at all times
  • during such, he likes you against him as close as possible, pouring out his emotions and leaving himself vulnerable to you
  • when he pulls away he’s simply content looking at you

He asks for permission, hand holding yours with the utmost of care. You grant it to him of course, for you couldn’t deny the adeptus something he would most likely never ask for again. His lips are surprisingly smooth and you find yourself gradually letting him take the lead to which he was not opposed to. This was the first time he kissed you.

Now, a bit later in your relationship, you’re both atop of the balcony standing by the railing. His amber eyes have intensity and sincerity in them as they look at you with one of his hands caressing your face. The other arm is wrapped behind your back, pressing you to him. In these moments he lets the silence tell you his thoughts, tell you his feelings for you with the wordless confessions he would never dare say out loud.

When he kisses you it starts off gentle, his lips moving against yours in a languid manner before picking up due to his impatience. This visit of yours was unplanned and wasn’t due for another week or so, but nevertheless the actions he would do then would be done now. The words to be said then, would be said now.

“I love you.”


  • when he manages to sneak out of the house, his greetings always consist of presses a quick peck to your cheek, lips, or hand
  • sometimes he doesn’t even know he kisses you because it feel natural for him to do
  • likes to reenact scenes from the books he reads but is too embarrassed to tell you that they came from them
  • he can never deny you when you ask for one, thinking it chivalrous to listen to the requests of his lover

You are laying your head in his lap as you are both enjoying the nice weather underneath a large tree. This is supposed to be his “moment of solitude,” as he says, but he brings you along on his way. The wind blows and the leaves rustle above you, causing you to stick your arm up to shield your eyes from the sunlight peeking through them. 

Xingqiu clicks his tongue at the cliffhanger, closing his novel and placing it beside your head before moving to tap your nose. You scrunch it in response and ask him how he thought about the ending. He gives you a look of annoyance, presumably because of the actions of the main character.

You laugh lightly at his face and use your hand to poke his cheek. His face softens, taking your hand and leaning down to kiss you gently. 

“He should have done that when seeing his love.”


  • his kisses are very proper, most likely due to just the type of person he is, but he never gives you any that are rushed
  • he likes to take his time and gently cup your face with one hand while simultaneously leaning down
  • ever the romantic he always leaves you with parting words like those from a poem
  • if you decide to press further, he would happily let you, pushing back with the same intensity

He can see that you are upset when he meets you after you’ re done for the day. You have a crestfallen demeanor and your steps are slightly slower as you make your way to him. Immediately, he opens his arms and you happily accept the invitation, sighing in relief when your face his rests on him.

You proceed to tell him what had happened. Apparently, the commission you took on was to find a missing kid who had been gone for days. You were able to rescue her and the sight of her reuniting her with siblings made you think of your own. Were they safe? Where could they possibly be? Will I see them again?

The questions never became words that he could hear but he knew what you were thinking. Zhongli lifts your head to face him directly, kissing your forehead, cheeks, tip of the nose, and finally your lips. He does so with full, soft kisses, promising you that he would do anything to help you find them. Anything that would make you happy. With one last look at you he sees that you’re smiling. 

“I would be delighted to have your smile etched in my memory for all of time.”

Three things I want to say~

First, damn you lucky chopsticks.

Second, loving Childe’s smile here. I feel my simping gauge rising~

Third, he can’t be so damn hot yet so adorkable at the same time, it’s a crime.

And bonus… I just wanna see the Traveler help this pretty bad boy with his chopsticks 🥢 Give us that, Mihoyo~!!

Extra bonus:

I wanna be them gloves so bad

Trust no one, not even yourself

*kisses nape,warm hugs^^.

Mihoyo really said no to giving the characters normal names

People would be so confused by the Childe x Lumine x Zhongli couple, because to them it seems like Lumine and Zhongli are a couple and Childe is their adopted Childe - Zhongli always fees Childe, because Childe cannot use chopsticks and Lumine is always ginving headpats to Childe like his a good child. So, when Childe brings out the money to pay for everything they are so bewilded - what the hell is going on? Why is the child paying?

But it is just that Lumine is very soft with her boys and Childe loves getting affection and attention, while Zhongli prefers such things to be safed for more private situations - so when no one else is looking, though he won’t push is loved ones away if they insist in showing public affection.
Zhongli has no clue how relationships work or better how to show is love and affection, so he simply mimics Lumine.

Childe does not know how to show is love and affection for Lumine and Zhongli, because both are not very expressive. He keeps his teasing towards Lumine down, because he knows she doesn’t like it. So more teasing for Zhongli - but that dude doesn’t get it most of the time. So he thinks the best way is to buy them whatever they want.

Childe is also the only one interested in sex, but Lumine refuses, while Zhongli already refuses to show “too much” skin, so Childe didn’t even ask. (No matter how cold or warm it is, he always wears a long pyjama and he does not even change in clothes in presents of Lumine and Childe.)

At first their realationship was akward, because no one knew what to do, but by now they are just a happy little family with a lot of cuddling.

I know the fight with Childe is supposed to be this dramatic climax of the geo archon quest line and all,but I can’t help but imagine the traveler walking to that building and it’s like

Childe:*says his before-fight speech*

Traveler/Aether/Lumine:*In a power stance* Square up bitch.

The 11th Harbinger of the Fatui.