Take this macchiato. It can aid us greatly in the purging of evil.
After this Chongyun overheated and died, may he rest in peace

Who is the cutest Genshin impact character and why it is Chongyun?...

Merry Christmas y'all!! :D
MAN memes series
Gonna start posting on here again. Have some genshin hs au
Reject Finals week. Draw your main genshin impact team only meet this goddess and her three children on the road and your
chongyun : one time, in pursuit of rumours of an evil spirit, i went on dragonspine completely naked save for a shirt, dug
Who would you bring to brave Dragonspine?
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had to find these bc it's my main group (or used to be. Sorry Chongyun, but I just got Bennett)
bonus bc like I said, I
I'm looking at this picture again and realizing how weird and diverse this group is
a literal god
an exorcist
a boy raised
Liyue's exorcists.
Genshin Characters as ‘Would you still love me if I was a worm’
A bit dense, but he‘s alright
Chongyun introduces his pyro boyfriend to his pyro friends
impulse✨ (read left-right)
Genshinktober Compilation [Part 2]  Day 11 - Fatui Mirror Maiden and Pyro Agent Day 12 - Mondstadt Angel’s Share  Day 13 -
Journey to the West!
chongyun: this was supposed to be a date
recolour of tuyu’s i’ll put you in misery album cover with xingyun! 
(i think this goes extremely well with kk13’s fic
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