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[image description: a digital landscape painting of the location enkanomiya in genshin impact. in the foreground is
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new years with them characters: kaeya, zhongli, thoma, albedo, diluc, xiao summary: how you spend new years with your beloved,......

zhongkae warm up!! getting used to  so i can put them in my sad and pathetic men  they are going to be SO SAD
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Kaeya Alberich × GN!Reader
Kinda changed up the plot a little, hope y'all don't mind
    Avoidance was key.
If he is here it’s crystal clear I’m where I’m meant to go…
Gaming 2021
Genshin Characters as ‘Would you still love me if I was a worm’
Day 4: Cavalry? Captain

Jean: Christmas is cancelled. Kaeya: You can't cancel a holiday. Jean: Keep it up, Kaeya, and you'll lose New Year's ...

blue starcore kaeya icons for anon!!
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Favorite places that Genshin men enjoy getting kissed...

Big brother Kaya supremacy 
[ID: Genshin Impact fanart. A digital artwork in blue and violet tones depicting around 6 year old Kaeya sitting on a
Sleep my love Warning -> angst/comfort, nightmares and worries (reader comforts character) Character X GN reader | Anthology ...

Lisa: I’m a lesbiab Lisa: Lesbiem Lisa: Less bien Kaeya: It’s okay, take your time. Lisa: Jean....

so do y'all remember how i found that one picrew with the braids™️ so I made venti &  NB???
well I found it again and kinda
genshin brain rot

Kaeya: Jean has no idea I’m high. Jean: You’re high??? Kaeya: Oh, I’m sorry. Kaeya, leaning over to Lisa: Jean has no idea I’...

Seven Wonders of Teyvat
I started playing genshin impact heh it’s just a wip bc design is very