#digital art

What the Fluf just imagine having this avatar running around your game - WITH ITS OWN BRAIN!!!...

I made this last year and at the time deemed it too cursed to post but I want others to suffer with me knowing it exists
yea miko
« General! Recruit Sora is here to report! *chuckles* I’m just kidding. But do tell if you need anything, I’ll be there. »
Crystalflies and our beloved calvary captain
pov: you are a crystalfly
im back at it again
Yeah that's why I'm zoning out! I hit my head! Ha ha!
✨🐟⚪️Sango Pearl⚪️🐟✨
I love Kokomi’s design and I love Sangonomiya Shrine’s colors, I also love mermaids🧜🏻‍♀️ and coral reefs
So guess who got bored
I remember this guy
the things i do for this man in game
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