i do not need anyone i need not to need anyone


It doesn't matter how far away you are, just to know you exist, oh, it brings such a warm smile to my lips! Whether you

I smile the sweetest smile for I feel him right here beside me, watching over me, holding me. His sweet tender presence

I hear beyond the words, to the intentions of the heart beneath and I see them weaved in your words and they are the

Sometimes melancholy gets the best of me and fills the place where you used to live and in doing so sings the song of your

Do you know how much vulnerability can be in the words, “I miss you.”? 

Bring me into the rushing water of your river. 

It feels so dark sometimes Sinking into this feeling I’m not interested in trying Consumed by not being good enough

It’s okay to leave now Let me drift away The unknown is just Another day //stay.

Sometimes love grants us all the words in the world and sometimes it leaves us speechless.

 I am at loss as to what to say to convey the entirety of this feeling that lives inside of me. You make my lips burst

Everyday life is a challenge. So many things we need to balance, the things we need to do, the things we want to do. So

I think you’re the love of my life and I’m afraid of letting you go.

I’m really on the ledge this time Giving it all for you With nothing expected in return And I hate the way I always miss you,...

come abuse me take all you can as long as you use me own me for a lifetime let me be yours your punching bag your

To have two people coincide at the exact same time when both have busy lives, responsabilities to bear, demands of time

What is the rhythm of an embrace? Is it that of my heart or of his? Is it the one of our dreams? Is it the one of our

All the warmth seemed to have left his limbs and concentrated in his heart, the blood pooling there, rushing, trying to

I am the one that came from the sea with aquamarine waves at her feet. Wild and mysterious as the seaspray. I am the cry

Sometimes I think poets like me are meant to be alone, to love in the purity of a vacuum, to love illusions and hug

Just promise you’ll love me One more night Just enough To make it feel alright Even if we’re playing pretend That we

My love, know I am smiling because your eyes are still in my mind and the feel of your hands still linger on every curve I have.

somewhere there’s a place where our dark souls go to meet we are one in the same from this festering world that we came

Always inventing New ways to hurt me Must be getting exhausting Don’t you see what you do? You must really think I’m a