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I vote for change, equality, justice, for the future, to have a voice, because I love this country, to protect earth, but

Eschew: God Bless You

I have been thinking about you. Who are you?


I try to convince my heart that love is overrated so that it doesn’t feel so hated.



You’re aching, you’re breaking And I can see the pain in your eyes Says everybody’s changing And I don’t know why


I would rather sleep and dream of a world where you are, so I would care, and feel like you still care about me.


My heart is starting to decay and I think the stench is driving people go away.


Maybe I was wrong about you being the right one?


one of my friends asked me: "do u ever feel like life is a highway with speed bumps of happiness?" most of the time it

There is a huge difference between feeling alone and lonely

I don’t want to disturb your heart because you look much happier now that we’re apart.


after a week of being upset because poetry wasn’t happening, I finally have a poem! very short, but it gets done what I want

It doesn't matter how far away you are, just to know you exist, oh, it brings such a warm smile to my lips! Whether you

I smile the sweetest smile for I feel him right here beside me, watching over me, holding me. His sweet tender presence

I hear beyond the words, to the intentions of the heart beneath and I see them weaved in your words and they are the


Sometimes melancholy gets the best of me and fills the place where you used to live and in doing so sings the song of your

Do you know how much vulnerability can be in the words, “I miss you.”? 

Bring me into the rushing water of your river. 


Never Trust Anyone Blindly.?

Sometimes love grants us all the words in the world and sometimes it leaves us speechless.

You taught me the courage of letting my heart flourish.