#Spilled ink

How confused I am about the darkness in Is black a color in my life or a filter?

To all of the sad souls out there, do you believe in faith? do you ever wonder if there’s more to life than just trying

When you stand in front of me and look at me, what do you know of the griefs that are in me and what do I know of yours?

if you don’t like who you’ve become - change. no matter your age, no matter the mistakes you’ve made.  no matter how much

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.

The different ways we deal with pain are fathomless and boundless. Some of us are loud about it. Our grief simmers in our blood,...


i am just a simple person but you have placed all of your love into me claiming that no one else is more deserving and it

Eschew: God Bless You

I have been thinking about you. Who are you?


I touch with my hands the tip of your soul, I am here in front of you without saying a word; just the sound of this

I would rather sleep and dream of a world where you are, so I would care, and feel like you still care about me.


You’ve become a tempo that my heart knows.

It’s never too late to raise your standards. At any point in a relationship you can say, “I’m willing to leave this if

It doesn't matter how far away you are, just to know you exist, oh, it brings such a warm smile to my lips! Whether you

I smile the sweetest smile for I feel him right here beside me, watching over me, holding me. His sweet tender presence

I hear beyond the words, to the intentions of the heart beneath and I see them weaved in your words and they are the

Wine drunk and texting you, trying to remember why I shouldn’t be pulling you closer. It could work, the wine says. It

Sometimes melancholy gets the best of me and fills the place where you used to live and in doing so sings the song of your

Do you know how much vulnerability can be in the words, “I miss you.”? 

Bring me into the rushing water of your river. 

"Everbearing we tought. Love too ripens and rots."

It feels so dark sometimes Sinking into this feeling I’m not interested in trying Consumed by not being good enough

It’s okay to leave now Let me drift away The unknown is just Another day //stay.

Sometimes love grants us all the words in the world and sometimes it leaves us speechless.