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Despair is a wild thing in my chest that knows no repose. It fills my veins with spectres of hope that vanish and I drown in

while laughing i started to cry  i wipe my teary eyes only for it to get wet again -

“every L is either a Loss or a Lesson, you choose what it stands for.” - i s h. @theishentries

Umutlar asla tükenmez,sadece saklanı

Sleep is elusive. Hides in the back of my mind behind the myraid of fears I didn't know I have. I know I should sleep and

Bazen o kapkaranlık ... Yol aydınlık bir yolu

I don’t know what the future holds, but I want it to be you.

I Just Don't Wanna Talk To Anyone.!✌🏻

It really feels bad

I’m jealous of people who do what they want because I do what I must, and it’s rarely what i want.


Bazı filmler beklediğinden erken bitti sonu olduğundan daha acı Bitti sandım çoğu film aslında daha yeni başlamıştı...

good morning ☀️ sharing this piece today because it’s what i needed to hear the most ❤️

Complicado llevar una plática amigable con alguien que no te alienta en esos días donde las nubes oscuras se han quedado,

_El ignoto x._

Bağzen susmak ve derinliklere kaybolmak istersin,gölgene saklanıp kimsenin seni bulmamasını dilersin,sözler bile ağır gelir

Our Love

Eso de inventar de todo para alargar un diálogo entra en un rango de personas muy mínimo, donde la importancia va más allá de

_El ignoto x._

Always inventing New ways to hurt me Must be getting exhausting Don’t you see what you do? You must really think I’m a

somewhere there’s a place where our dark souls go to meet we are one in the same from this festering world that we came

Quote from my poem "Home Is Where She Is"

My love, know I am smiling because your eyes are still in my mind and the feel of your hands still linger on every curve I have.

I love you most when you are is there something wrong with that?

Sometimes I think poets like me are meant to be alone, to love in the purity of a vacuum, to love illusions and hug

how do you get over something that'll kill you how do you presume when it's all crumbling how do you know to stop, and

Just promise you’ll love me One more night Just enough To make it feel alright Even if we’re playing pretend That we