Despair is a wild thing in my chest that knows no repose. It fills my veins with spectres of hope that vanish and I drown in

Sleep is elusive. Hides in the back of my mind behind the myraid of fears I didn't know I have. I know I should sleep and

Filth inside out sinners and saints smiling and shaking hands isn't it sweet

I'm just a drop in an ocean of love a lost ship near your island

How sweet is a sincere hug from a sister of the soul. It wipes away your tears and puts hope in your heart once more! 

I love you most when you are is there something wrong with that?

Most of us had monsters since the day we were born, but as we grew up, we learned how to hide the horns.


I am not sure at all if love is salve or just a deeper kind of wound. I do not think it matters


Go find yourself first so you can find me.


Sometimes I think poets like me are meant to be alone, to love in the purity of a vacuum, to love illusions and hug

So therefore I dedicate myself to myself, to my art, my sleep, my dreams, my labors, my suffrances, my loneliness, my


I am the one that came from the sea with aquamarine waves at her feet. Wild and mysterious as the seaspray. I am the cry

All the warmth seemed to have left his limbs and concentrated in his heart, the blood pooling there, rushing, trying to

You find other people’s hearts to be sweet and to you I was just another treat.


What is the rhythm of an embrace? Is it that of my heart or of his? Is it the one of our dreams? Is it the one of our

Something in me doesn’t want me to live. No - something in me doesn’t want me to continue. It must not be life, what I’ve


You call it life but I call it hell.

To have two people coincide at the exact same time when both have busy lives, responsabilities to bear, demands of time

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Everyday life is a challenge. So many things we need to balance, the things we need to do, the things we want to do. So

 I am at loss as to what to say to convey the entirety of this feeling that lives inside of me. You make my lips burst

Sometimes we find stories right when we need them. Whether or not we realize the timing is ideal right then and there, they’

You taught me the courage of letting my heart flourish.


Sometimes love grants us all the words in the world and sometimes it leaves us speechless.