|14 October 22:47| |Greece|

“Don’t want no other shade of blue, but you.

The way you been acting today and the past few days have me majorly questioning things. You seem like your tired of me bc of

Go find yourself first so you can find me.


“Have you ever thought about me in the way that I think about you?”

“No matter where I am in my life I’ll always come crawling back to you because I am too addicted to stay away.” -Day 539

Everyday life is a challenge. So many things we need to balance, the things we need to do, the things we want to do. So

It feels like day by day my heart is starting to decay.


I don’t want to disturb your heart because you look much happier now that we’re apart.


It’s never too late to raise your standards. At any point in a relationship you can say, “I’m willing to leave this if

Maybe I was wrong about you being the right one?


My heart is starting to decay and I think the stench is driving people go away.