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genshin characters give you motivational quotes!! i had to come up with most of these myself :”D 

I can’t wait for the Lantern Rite to come out

Because 1000% there will be romantic fanfics about it and I’m so down for it.

Mondstadt loves coming all the way down south to visit you after a long time? A beautiful reunion in the crowd under the lantern filled sky?

Liyue loves either busy prepping themselves, getting a gift for you, or doing matching outfits.

Maybe even some Fatui harbingers coming in uninvited to cause chaos but ended up in a sweet date~?

Ohhh, I so can’t wait

What a fancy ship you have there!

Welcome Beidou!

Hopefully you’ll allow us to get past your intense security! We welcome you to the group!


Ningguang: Beidou is washing the dishes and I just heard her say “Who do you work for? Who’s your contact?” while repeately pushing a glass underwater.

Ningguang: At least she’s having fun?

Beidou: Are you in the mood for a quickie?

Ningguang, choking on her tea: WHAT

Beidou: A quickie. You know, those egg tarts from Mondstadt.

Ningguang: Beidou, that’s a QUICHE.

From request on fb

UID 611981706 heh here my equips if you wan’t’ play with me heh
UID 611981706 heh here my equips if you wan’t’ play with me heh
UID 611981706 heh here my equips if you wan’t’ play with me heh

This is a weird one but I think that if Bennett and Beidou ever met, she would adopt him on the spot. That’s it. That’s the hc.

Ningguang: Top reasons to get married?

Beidou: Firmly saying, “That’s my lady!” and knocking them out with one punch.


Beidou: And love, I guess.

POV: you’re a hilichurl quick (and jfc omg this is hideous with my glasses on) doodle
i learned yesterday that an npc describes beidou like That and i got so mad that mihoyo refuses to give us Buff Woman that
i learned yesterday that an npc describes beidou like That and i got so mad that mihoyo refuses to give us Buff Woman that


I couldn’t resist and wrote beidou and ningguang discussing the [SPOILERS FOR 1.1] destruction of the Jade Chamber, and how it affected ning way more than she let on


Two cuties
Gaming 2020



Ninguang x Beidou

Wanted to draw them drinking Sake that Beidou brought from Inazuma.~

Give both I say as I save for Zhongli

Sketch dump of all the girls I have currently

I’ll sketch a few more girls then work on the digital versions

Beidou right before she steps on you

I KEEP ON GETTING BEIDOU IN MY ROLLS please i beg for diona or some other 4 star maybe even ningguang….. gacha gods PLEASE

Ningguang and Beidou travel together frequently. When Ningguang is asked about it, she says they’re just friends touring around. When Beidou is asked, she says “this is my girlfriend and I won’t hesitate to pound you if she gives the go-ahead” It’s embarrassing and adorable.

everyday I check the ningguang/beidou tag on ao3 and everyday i wilt a little inside at the lack them


I feel like most of Genshin impact fans don’t realize what having a vision means, Having a vision means that an archon has blessed you.

Do you guys realize what that means? That’s so fucking mind-blowing when you think about it.


And then there is Characters that aren’t really surprising,Such as Diluc,Kaeya,Jean,Lisa,Biedou…etc etc.

But when you look into it,there are so many characters that it’s just SHOWS how strong they actually are(in the story,not in the game)

Characters such as Amber,Amber may not seem like it,but she’s still a vision wielder, that’s not just your everyday archer.Same with Noelle,Barbra,Sucrose,Klee…etc

Like this doesn’t have to do with a character’s stats or anything,I mean like story-wise,and then when you realize that Literally the only humans that can use elemental powers(Excluding delusions and like anything that allows normal humans to use the elements)are those that have visions.

They aren’t just normal people, They’re like superhumans compared to others of that world.

Hell,I’ve seen so many people make theories about how vision wielders can basically ascend to archons.(depending on a few things of course but still)

How crazy is that!?

What I’m trying to say is that every vision wielder is exceptional.

And that just really blows my mind personally

My Main Team sketches

So I did not have much of luck on my first gachapon wishes but then… I got Beidou and although she is a 4⭐ chara, she is my favorite. She is So much fun to play. So in a way she is my main dps, together with Childe I adore the burst of damage I get when Hydro and Electro mix.

As for my supports, Xiangling with Buba always to the service, and my Barbara who is my main an ONLY healer, and she is a healer… but. *loads gun*

Then there is Lumine… Well she is underestimated, but I like her as my anemo chara.