Daily Memes 2022
etho ..among 
im gonna finish the drawing and add grian if y'all want that,,,maybe. cause them as impostors are a very
The pain
+10 mental damage
Rest with me
Gaming 2021
I am not sure I should trust them. Is this really how you get into the dark web?
Hopefully you get it
Might get a 4k at 120fps to  of the game better
Right in the
Technician working on a Pc
IT Spiders
I have finally wired my over one hundred year old house with LAN myself. Of course there were some hurdles, but in the end

What the Fluf just imagine having this avatar running around your game - WITH ITS OWN BRAIN!!!...

At least I have a working PC now.
Dota2 Fanart
For the first time I draw Genshin OC. It was a custom commission and I really enjoyed working on this design ><

Steam support re-re-fixed.
It's late Friday afternoon in 2001. Your sister is at a friend's house and your parents are out to dinner and you have
Setup flex but also doggie flex
Gaming 2021