Birthday this weekend!
Microsoft Excel Simulator 2023
Steam is still my favorite
Steam Sale: Hold my wallet
Diablo IV coming to Xbox!
Taking free games from epic is against my moral compas
Something's growing
Some people will always hate whats new
So much for FORCE closing
Anyone else in the rat's nest gang?
Now I see why some people love Linux

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rate my setup
#366 Cringey Past
Some things should just stay in the 
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Hippity Hoppity your ram is my property
I know it’s a laptop but I finally got my first gaming computer. After nearly 20 years.
This goes for most free Anti-Virus Software
First attempt at wood pc build
I come from r/mechanicalkeyboards to let you know that not all of us use small keyboards. Just please don't ask how much
Fire Emblem hits different