#concept art

I made an animated music video for The 30s So please check it out!

Primal Beast
i just think i should be alloved too have them
-arrives years late to the abandoned building that is the Among Us fanbase with starbucks and OCs- so anyways here's Cyan
Lady Dimitrescu, Duke and villagers concept art for Resident Evil Village
Hi everyone!!! Just wanted to 
brag about NEW IRON MAIDEN music video for which I had a pleasure to do 
concept art (!!!!),...
What I should be doing: Homework
What I’m actually doing: Creating a RE8 self insert
Anyways, this is Lady D’s youngest


Lady Dimitrescu's early design
Tall Vampire Lady chasing you with a giant pair of scissors. 🥺
Castle Dimitrescu Concept Art
Gaming 2021
Concept art of Lady Dimitrescu slicing her way through some iron bars then proceeds to step through while ever so
Concept for Resident Evil Village focusing on Lady Dimitrescu brandishing giant garden clippers, Donna Beneviento as a