I see people grinding for primogems, actually getting a lot and, above all this, managing not to spend all of it on a impulsive moment

I wonder HOW


if I have enough primogems for one wish I already feel my whole body making satanic rites in my brain chanting “PULL IT PULL IT” in all languages I know of

please tell me your secret

So for tonight’s adventures in Among Us:

  • Someone in the lobby said things referencing shit my girlfriend said IRL, but never said in chat. That scared the hell out of us.
  • The game glitched and someone else took over my girlfriend’s room, then kicked me, then BANNED me. Rude.
  • We had one of those hackers who comes in with a color that’s already in use and no name
  • We had someone come in and OFFER TO HACK THE GAME FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO GET FREE SKINS (not cool dude)
  • I guess too many hackers were coming into our lobby at this point because my gf got kicked from her own lobby for hacking (which she doesn’t even know how to do. she can barely navigate the browser app on her phone some days)
  • I got called a whore in dead chat because I was the impostor and I killed someone. You know. Playing the game.
  • I got called a bitch in a meeting because I saw the impostor vent and called them out
  • I didn’t want to be impostor one round so I killed IN FRONT OF SOMEONE. they TOLD CHAT I DID IT. And then no one voted for me so I killed them next cause they were a bad snitch lol
  • We had like… five people come in trying to hook up?
  • Two people came in, demanded players follow their YouTube channel, then left when we all said no
  • One guy came in and said “any girls here I’m lonely”. one of the other players said “I’m a girl but I’m lesbian”. He asked how old she was (16) and then said “shit nvm” and LEFT. I almost fell off my chair
  • Several cases of teaming*
  • Someone called a meeting at the beginning of a round because they wanted to finish the lobby conversation, I guess?
  • I was a crewmate and got called sus. when asked why they just said “i don’t know just vote them”. Luckily no one voted me
  • That last one happens to me a lot for some reason
  • Someone came in and tried to spoil the My Hero Academia manga, but they weren’t even correct so it was kind of sad
  • Someone else came in and misspelled every single Naruto character’s name, and 14 yo me cried inside
  • My girlfriend and I got impostor together and my poor dumb baby killed in electrical with EVERYONE THERE. I couldn’t even try to back her up I was speechless
  • I executed a very delicate kill because I wanted to kill a SPECIFIC player and two others were right on top of them (it was the last kill needed for a win and even if it wasn’t I did not care because I’m extremely petty as an impostor and only kill crewmates who screwed me over the previous round or were particularly dickish in chat)

* Teaming, if you don’t know, is when two or more players are physically in the same room or talking on a voice chat, and tell each other who killed them, if they’re impostor, who the impostors are, etc. My gf and I play in the same room, but we sit on opposite sides of the room, stay quiet until/unless we’re both dead anyway, and occasionally kill each other just to remind the group that no one is safe. No one.

yea yea i know this game is written by men alright