I feel like I am not belonging anywhere.


Don’t use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe, create, trust, grow and heal.

If you can’t build with them, don’t chill with them.

Appreciate this moment. Stop and look around you. Be thankful for all you have and where you are because this time next year,...

If you had a chance to go back to the past, would you make the same decision?🌙

Filth inside out sinners and saints smiling and shaking hands isn't it sweet

I'm just a drop in an ocean of love a lost ship near your island

listening to our playlist, remembering what was and imagining what could’ve been.

She's the best thing you ever lost and you'll realize this when it's too late. 

You said that you love me baby, how the hell can you love a ghost

انا هذا اللذي، سقَطَ في بئر الأتعاب جاهَدتُ سيرتي، كي أعاند الجبال انا لستُ إبنَ اللذي، قال كلّا للصعاب على خُطاه حتى، أتكلّى...

Sunset, and Off-road O—O 🏜

Cause you’re mine

“Don’t want no other shade of blue, but you.

If you're not going to swim deep with me, then get out of my waters.

We run in circles, and it always ends up with us returning to the same place, and it’s never ends.

The small details always count.



Your soul is the whole world.

Sis, don't you settle. You deserve to be someone's first choice.

I hope you find someone who doesn't make you sad at night and someone who reminds you how much they love you every day and

Your pillow knows your story better than anyone ever will .. 💤✨

I have cried oceans to sleep wondering what I ever did to deserve such heartache .. 🥀✨