« General! Recruit Sora is here to report! *chuckles* I’m just kidding. But do tell if you need anything, I’ll be there. »
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Gaming 2021
Congratulations on getting into Smash Sora! You're going to do great! 
Sora: @nscosplay 
Kairi: me
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is no one gonna talk about how "home is where we are" means that the twins actually dont have a physical location they can ...

Gaming 2021
I'm happy to say that my shop's shipping method has changed! The tracking code is now available, delivery times are much
Face my Fears 

I styled a new Sora wig and @novavandorwolf let me borrow her Sora cosplay for a quick cos-test 😁 the

Xiao: “Don’t come near me. I’m a monster. You will only get hurt” Traveller: “GOOD THING I’M A MONSTER FUCKER THEN”...

i want to fix how i draw lumine, this is better than my lumine previous art ;--;
Been playing a lot (literally) of Genshin  I want the twins to hurry up and reunite ( and fight each other)
A bunch of Soras

Had a dream where Sora and Kairi are back in school and apparently they played Genshin Impact because they came across ...