Gaming 2020
Grumpy boi. 

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Keqing sketch
Very quick David, love drawing him

Bedtime Fatui doodles

I did chilumi sketch 👀

Colored sketch for Heterochromia Kaeya hc I have
 he just doesn’t think his eye match his aesthetic and he refuses to let

I’m working on this art which was inspired by the among us song “Show yourself” by CG5.

nya diluc 

Made 9 accounts to get a 5 star chara only to get ningguang….cant say im mad tho 😳❤️💕

The Sound of Music | Ferdinand Fan Art

I’m tired so here, have a sleepy Baizhu sketch

Why aren’t more people talking about him?? He’s great

Let’s face it I just wanted to see him with his hair untied

Reidak May clean this up later.
pucca & garu

゚+X i a o゚+💚

So here is the whole sketch book page. Where I was trying different color combinations to make sure the colors turned
The OT3 ♥ @solesurvivorpaigeargot
The OT3 ♥ @solesurvivorpaigeargot
Fan Art 2020
Fan Art 2020
Fan Art 2020
I had to.  Yes I know Persephone looks slightly different every time. She’s my character. I can do what I want.

no one asked and i provided. cursed among us doodles :)

Was sketching yesterday this boy UwU
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First of 6 Fan Arts for Huevember! (Do Not Repost)

Playing Among Us with my gf usually ends up in me doing this to her

Beidou and Demi would get along and you can’t change my mind