Now look, we're going to have fun today, and that's an order!
did a blackfire makeup test & drew on my selfies to be more recognizable
The Last Of Us Part Mew
It's dangerous to go alone.
Maybe tomorrow we can play D&D?
Or something fun, like we used to?
So after seeing the in game cat hats from the Little Kitty Big City game in development I've had the Banana Hat
Save the World?
 I'll get around to it.
just felt like sharing these pics from last christmas
Super Mutant  always misunderstanding when you ask them to lend a hand.
Mi-cat-sa Ackerman
Just informed them there won't be a Second  nor an Elevenses.
You hear the boogie 🎶
Here's to T'Ana! 
The best Chief Medical Officer in Starfleet!