I choose you over anyone.

I wanna know everything about you then and I wanna go down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams and wishes

Appreciate this moment. Stop and look around you. Be thankful for all you have and where you are because this time next year,...

Songs Recommendations🎶

She's the best thing you ever lost and you'll realize this when it's too late. 

to my youth.

Take you to infinity, let me love you like a woman. Let me love you like a woman (Lana del Rey)

We could get lost in the purple rain and talk about the good ol' days. We could get high on some pink champagne. Baby, let

If I can smoke fear away, I roll that moth**** up. Kendrick Lamar - FEAR.

Spring Nicht" Über den Dächern, ist es so kalt, und so still. Der Abgrund der Stadt, Ich schweig Deinen Namen, weil Du

Hallo, Du stehst in meiner Tür. Es ist sonst niemand hier, ausser Dir und mir. Komm doch erstmal rein, der Rest geht

Your pillow knows your story better than anyone ever will .. 💤✨

Yeni bir adım attım geçen gü hayatıma yepyeni bir adımdı. Herşeyi arkamda bırakacaktım. Yeni sayfa hayalleri kurdum

Bunu söyleyen biri olsun hayatımda istemiştim ama o insanlar sadece kafamda ve hayallerimde gerçekler. Dünya çok acıması

Eski beni sen değil, Müge Anlı bile bulamaz artık :))

I have cried oceans to sleep wondering what I ever did to deserve such heartache .. 🥀✨

I said I was fine, but I never said it didn't hurt. 

Poem of the Day #392

I've found that growing up means being honest. About what I want, what I need, what I feel and who I am. 

I’m almost me again, she’s almost you. ~Almost (Sweet Music), Hozier Wasteland, Baby! ~

Whatever is going on, it's okay. It's okay if you're confused, if you're hurt, if you don't even know who you are and

Imagine being loved the way you love. 

I have been sleepin' late and if I'm speaking honestly, my dreams are the only place, the thought of you can't bother me.

On my silent days, I miss you a little louder.