Venti is more cruel than what we expect. This is a wip, I still have to draw the weapon :c
Me quiero casar con la versi贸n masculina de Noelle
Mondstadt recipes 2/3
Diona鈥檚 Older Sister X Diluc
crappy phone doodles but hey serotonin means kazubedo

I managed to break myself. If Zhongli can't tell the traveler what happened to that city bc he made a contract and hes ...

Mondstadt Citizen: Jean, what is Klee to you? Jean: She鈥檚 the reason I wake up in the morning. Mondstadt Citizen: Aww, that鈥檚 ...


Kazuha Story Headers 馃А
feel free to use
genshin women are just so [chef kiss]
Gaming 2021
Don't you just wanna go apeshit
I made a bunch of memes pls laugh
a kaeya i probably won鈥檛 finish ;;

Whenever you feel bad about your terraforming: At least you did better than whatever the fuck Barbatos thought he was doing....

diluc general headcanons
Gaming 2021
Almost there! A close up on some of the details. What color should the background be on the bottom I wonder?
It鈥檚 coming together I think!