#lord of the rings

I made a thing today
I tried on all my Elf pieces so far!
Just informed them there won't be a Second  nor an Elevenses.
Belt is just a placeholder but I’m?? Just about ready to take this apart for the final pattern??
I am forcing you all to look at my Arwen cosplay because I did have to walk to the beach like this
Photography by Rudy Edwards

Can we just all agree now that Gimli would be obsessed with Lady Dimitrescu?...

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Daily Memes 2021
“Men? Men are weak. I was there the day the strength of men failed.” 
Elrond embroidered shirt is self-made, Elrond’s

Photo by: Elena Vesania  Model: Михаэль Степанов
happy tolkien reading day 2021! have some of my favorite tolkien cosplays ♥  (sauron, melkor, annatar)
There's always Second Breakfast on Caturday.