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Genshin Impact Cosplay Collection pt 6 - Liyue (Continued!) Featuring Hu Tao, Chongyun, Xiangling, Xingqiu and Qiqi!
Behold the ruination of our economy:
🐉 钟离 • Zhōnglí 🐉
•Liyue is just magical at sunset, specially at huaguang stone forest 🍂✨
•I know he’s the god of contracts and
Peepaw Family x Mom!Reader
liangyu ⟡
Genshin Impact Viewpoints: Liyue [2/2]

I managed to break myself. If Zhongli can't tell the traveler what happened to that city bc he made a contract and hes ...

Kazuha Story Headers 🧡
feel free to use
genshin women are just so [chef kiss]
aether hcs for a fic

歸終: to return to the end
I made a bunch of memes pls laugh
Ningguang The richest homeless person that Teyvat has ever seen The details of her clothing killed me
peace  - Xiao
The Vigilant Yaksha 

i see that most of the mondstadt characters don't like liyue food because you can't taste the ingredients and only ...