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"If you don't wanna mis all the good stuff, you gotta get up before the sun does. Because the sun is a lazybones."

Can't help myself not doing

We are our own problem.

It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. All that matters is you get up one more time than you were knocked down.

It would be best to go with the flow and not against it. read

The past is just a story we tell ourselves.


shy smile

note to my past self:  dont you fucking get into love when youre basically a walking package of traumas, mental illnesses,

Just because the process hurts doesn’t mean the results won’t be beautiful.


"Don't stop smiling, that's my best miracle."

There are people we meet in life who miss being important to us by inches, days, or heartbeats. Another place or time or

_Jonathan Carroll_

Learn to be ok with people not knowing read here : 

Things to remember! You are worth so much more than you think 💕

It’s all too much and not enough at the same time.

_Jack Kerouac_

Y esto pasó por qué si? O por qué tengo que comer mierda para saber lo que es comer la vida buena?

I wanted it so much. I don’t know why I wanted it so much.

_Ernest Hemingway // Cat in the Rain_

“It’s never too late to become who you want to be. I hope you live a life that you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not,...

I can tell you’re not yourself lately, and I hope wherever you’ve gone, you feel free.

_R.M. Drake_

Too shy to say, but I hope you stay.

_Billie Eilish; come out and play_

How glad I am that you exist.

_Vita Sackville-West_

What makes you anxious and how do you deal with it? read

"Decide for yourself what it means to be happy."

I want one

how do you get over something that'll kill you how do you presume when it's all crumbling how do you know to stop, and