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The way Jean looked down as soon as she got close enough to Mona DFDGSTSFGR SHE’S SO LITTLE. Not even her hat makes up for the height difference

hate that i needed until now to realize that the lionfang knight title is just referencing the german name of the dandelion, which would translate to lionfang

various genshin impact doodles that i forgot to post here! do not use/repost my art without permission
various genshin impact doodles that i forgot to post here! do not use/repost my art without permission
various genshin impact doodles that i forgot to post here! do not use/repost my art without permission
warm breeze and chill wind or, i think my two faves have an underrated friendship
look me in the eye and tell me she wouldn’t
More DilucXJean from Genshin Impact! So after the last one I promptly pulled Diluc on Childe’s banner (and Childe as well).

That web browser visual novel game gave me some thinkin’

Just imagining if Genshin Impact also became an otome

I’d probably die such a beautiful death-

Jean - Genshin Impact

If you can’t roll ‘em, draw’ em

(Click for better quality)

(Basically) what Genshin Characters say on your birthday:

Jean: *sings happy birthday to you plus gives you a gift* :)

Diluc: Happy birthday. I will get you literally anything you want if I can.

Beidou: Come on my ship for a feast and we’ll go where ever you want!

Childe: Happy birthday, comrade! Who do you want me to kill for you? I’m ready; all I need is the go ;)

Genshin Impact birthday scenario game (Part 1)!

Birth Month

January: Diluc
February: Fischl
March: Amber
April: Jean
May: Lisa
June: Childe/Tartaglia
July: Venti
August: Zhongli
September: Xiao
October: Keqing
November: Kaeya
December: Xingqiu

Birth Date

  1. Fights you
  2. Cooks for you
  3. Saves you from drowning
  4. Steals Mora from you
  5. Kidnaps you
  6. Takes you out on a date
  7. Takes away your primogems
  8. Gets drunk with you
  9. Sings a song for you
  10. Pushes you off of a cliff
  11. Gives you primogems
  12. Helps you on a quest
  13. Ditches you during a battle
  14. Gives Mora to you
  15. Pulls a prank on you
  16. Gives you flowers
  17. Frames you for a crime which causes you to get arrested
  18. Punches you
  19. Sticks with you no matter what
  20. Friendzones you
  21. Attacks a hilichurl camp with you
  22. Kisses your cheek
  23. Stalks you
  24. Tickles you
  25. Flirts with you
  26. Teases you
  27. Attacks Timmie’s pigeons with you
  28. Goes camping with you
  29. Runs after you
  30. Kisses your lips
  31. Steals all your food

Initial of Your First Name

A-D: …because they admire you

E-I: …because they’re angry

J-M: …because they’re sad

N-R: …because they’re happy

S-V: …because they love you

W-Z: …because they hate you


I’m currently working on a Part 2 of this Genshin Impact birthday scenario game where it includes most of the other characters that I couldn’t fit into this one! It’ll more or less have the same options (for the dates) though.

disclaimer: I DON'T HATE genshin's designs. i like them quite a bit actually i love goofy anime clothing so much  but jean'

I’ve noticed that attacking cats and dogs will heal your team (if you use jean) so if you want to save resources or just don’t want to go to a statue of the seven here’s a useless hack for you

attacking the cats are better because they don’t despawn lmao

Okay, after Photoshop crashing on me TWICE, I have Jean's map annotated a bit, with what I know. Her map actually has

idk how to explain it but last words of a shooting star is just a jean gunnhildr song

Of all the Fatui agents Xingqiu has faced, not a single one has landed a hit on him, and Jean just absolutely owned an Electro Cicin mage so I think they deserve sunglasses and thot slayer t-shirts

Well I can’t give them shirts because alas, I can’t draw. But I can do this

Ladies and gentlemen

Thot Slayers Incorporated at your service

Gaming 2020
hello genshin wlws
hello genshin wlws
jean gunnhildr from genshin impact is bisexual
jean gunnhildr from genshin impact is bisexual

Pulling Jean early on in the game has led to me developing a very offensive fighting style because she can just. Heal everyone immediately. This is a problem because when Jean is not on my team, death

my contribution to genshin impact, the moms and fire and ice liyue kids