I can’t do it again. My heart is swollen, cracking my ribs as it grows because of the mess I made of it. It’s my fault. I

“Don’t want no other shade of blue, but you.

Our Love

I have cried oceans to sleep wondering what I ever did to deserve such heartache .. 🥀✨

“I still miss you, and I long for the day where I don’t have to feel the pain of missing you.”

Most of us had monsters since the day we were born, but as we grew up, we learned how to hide the horns.


I am not sure at all if love is salve or just a deeper kind of wound. I do not think it matters


perhaps the saddest thing about falling in love is growing out of it.

young love love is so many things. it’s waking up and checking on your person and wondering if they’re still asleep. it’

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i hope you gained something out of breaking my soul into two.

The way

somehow you always end up in my thoughts

You took me high only to drop me low. I guess you were curious to see how far I could go?


You find other people’s hearts to be sweet and to you I was just another treat.


yo nunca te hubiera dejado ir a dormir llorando, debe ser por eso que me decepciona, que vos si.

At least I had the courage to lose myself in something I truly wanted.


Never go in search of love go in search of life, and life will find you the love you seek.


one word, a million questions

I loved you more than I loved me and that's why I missed your absence more than my return.

It feels like day by day my heart is starting to decay.


i know i’m not supposed to; i know you broke me in half. but i miss you, anyway.


i want to be able to compare you to beautiful things. like the ocean, or the trees on a fall day. but i can’t. you aren’t

I remember the days that I longed to be on your radar. why her? and not me. what an unusual thing. to want to be an