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Mondstadt 🌙
Gorou Icons!
Venti is more cruel than what we expect. This is a wip, I still have to draw the weapon :c
Sir that my emotional support descendant of a bloodline
🌼 the sunshine and the sunshine's protector 
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Venti quick doodle for a friend’s birthday

I gotta be honest with you guys tho I didn’t really like Venti so this was

A continuation of this post (music is from Animal Crossing, just putting this here lol)...

Genshin Characters as ‘Would you still love me if I was a worm’
Archon of wind, friend of dragons~
venti the bard !! 🌟🌟
did this for my sister !! venti is one of their faves so i drew him for them !!!
My Sona and Venti outfit swap!

venti is a trickster god....

Green boy
HI HELLO, I decided that it's unfair that Zhongli gets to be a cool dragon and has a half-dragon form idea and venti doesn't
Lmao I haven’t drawn in a long time, But hey! Here is a lovely venti for the soul!!!
Alr alr so I was thinking, what if I drew my genshin team? So here you go a big art dump,
And also an extra signora, and venti
Fixed up my Soldier Poet King series, and added an extra friend.

*In a garden* Ei: *picks up a dandelion* dandelions symbolize everything I want to be in life.  Zhongli: Fluffy and light?  Ei:......

Zhongli: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party ever and you’re all invited Ei: If? Venti: Great, the only ...

Prompt 10 was Pick. So I drew Venti with some Cecelias he picked for memories of the past.
i love this guy and i have a college!au brainrot

Aether: Okay, listen up, folks. We have a security situation here. As you know, when we reach the location, I will be ...

Venti 🥰💕💖💞💗
Dressuptober 005 & 006 - Venti and Friend