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THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR HIS BIRTHDAY But as per usual with my faves I go too hard and then I end up late kjfkdsjf. Its

Hello, I drew Beidou and Zhongli from genshin impact! I love their character designs ❤️ BTW I drew Beidou with buff arms—she wields a heavy giant sword and slays sea beasts! Allegedly she can also split mountains???!! What a badass

Come on let’s get moving, we’re not frozen in place after all.   My number 1 husband in Genshin. 
venti wip!

[Shh… Wind’s Howling]



(Yes this is a The Witcher 3 reference)

FINALLY FINISHED. Genshin Impact is taking over my life! I’m so glad to have this piece out - it is definitely one of

guizhong doesn’t have a canon design yet but i… really liked 4dango’s version……………..

I love Razor I love Razor I love Razor I love Razor I love Razor I love Razor I love Razor I love Razor

small drawing of these two smols because i have been thinking about how theyre probably blacklisted from haunted attractions

Tried my hand at drawing best boy Xiao❤️

yandere!xiao x f!reader.

cw; yandere, jealousy, mentions of violence ig, possessiveness, typical yandere-ish behavior with a hint of angst bc i write too much ahaha

had to rewrite 1k worth of text bc my dumbass accidentally deleted everyhing aha,, (pls strangle me i literally cannot work well with tumblr why is it so difficult to use)

word count; 1k+ words.

  • What started as awkward attempts of communication coming form your part, Xiao had never expected for a mere mortal like you to come barging into his lonesome life with your stupid grin and your equally stupid offerings of homemade almond tofu.
  • Yet, it was safe to say that the adeptus had come close to considering you one of his more .. close acquaintances. Not that he ever had many of them. You were just a normal human that coincidentally worked in Wangshu Inn, tending to visitors and customers alike, but still going out of your way to visit him despite not being asked to. 
  • He remembers the stubbornness you had displayed shamelessly in front of him, not daring to shrink away like how everyone else did if they did so much as looked in his direction. You were different, you stood on your ground and shoved him your almond tofu which he had no choice but to eat. 
  • And, as much as he hates to admit it, Xiao had clearly been smitten with you. Maybe it wasn’t obvious to you, or to anyone else for that matter, but when you looked at him with that smile of yours that seemed to brighten each day, or how his face would feel just a little bit hot when you unconsciously got a closer to him, Xiao  — he wondered for the first time in many years, if this is what true love felt like. 
  • Yes, and no. He was wrong on so many ways, and he had just been absolutely ridiculous into believing in such a thing. He surmised it was his fault in the first place, no one asked him to let you grab at his heart even when you snuggled your way into it. He had a choice, but he dumbly went ahead and didn’t even give any of it a second thought. 
  • Foolish, an adeptus who’s lived for long years and more to come, only to fall for a normal, weak mortal girl? Xiao was incredulous. Maybe when he fell in love, maybe it was the horrible start of his maddening craze that began to seep from the tiny cracks of his cold heart. 
  • He fell for her, for you, and he could only do nothing about it because it was his fault. His fault for letting you into his life, his fault for letting his guard down and actually letting himself feel loose around a mere mortal —  a mere mortal who would only disappear from him, by involuntary or voluntary actions. 
  • Were you.. avoiding him? Of course you were, but Xiao can’t remember any of the details of when it had all started. Could he have done something wrong? That was probable, but it still didn’t solve the dull aching in his chest. Of the pain he felt when you no longer climbed up the stairs and onto his balcony in the middle of the night, or when he would find you sleeping away with a plate of almond tofu in your grasp as he returns from a mission. 
  • He missed you. He missed you so terribly that he couldn’t bear not being near your presence as he gazed up to the skies and the clouds and the stars and moon and the sun, and to the everything and everyone that passed by him in sonic speed. 
  • And when you came striding in to work with another man, Xiao was livid. How dare  — how could you leave him, avoid him, never interact with him again just for him to see you with someone else? The nerve you’ve got, Xiao could only sneer. But he figured that he’s known that since the first time he met you. 
  • To the first time you offered him your stupid almond tofu without backing out or even running away, the determination in your eyes too strong for him that he had to look away and just accept the dish. 
  • The absolute nerve you’ve got to waltz into the inn, work and talk as if nothing ever happened, as if you didn’t come and swiped his heart with your smiles and your voice and your everything. You took Xiao’s heart and his love and his affections, but you just had to leave him — like how everyone he knew did, leaving him with nothing but the dust of his memories of them. 
  • He was an idiot to even let you into his life. He’s known for a long time that he will only get hurt in the end, for the day which will come when the people he knew would let him go, or when someone would stealthily sneak into his lonely sanctuary and steal something so precious to him. 
  • But, he couldn’t help it. He fell for you, and you were none the wiser. Xiao fell for you and for you alone, and his heart can only clench in anguish and burn with cold jealousy when you would send loving gazes at your assumed lover. A man who was not him, a man that was just another normal human being, just like you. 
  • Someone Xiao was not because he’s an adeptus and he only knows how to fight. Does he know how to love? Maybe yes, maybe not. And that is only proven when you arrive at the Inn to work, with your lover not in tow with you anymore. Your lover that Xiao had looked at with piercing gazes that you couldn’t even notice (not when you’re blatantly ignoring him) was seen on rare occasions when you arrived at the Inn. 
  • Xiao knew that he was slowly descending into madness. He couldn’t do this to you, but who was it who took his heart and stomped it in front of his face like it was no big deal in the first place? He loves you  — he really loves you, but you simply just can’t get away from leaving him all by himself once again after opening up to you. 
  • Your relationship with your lover turned to become much, much more worse. Every worker in the Inn could see the puffiness of your eyes and the lifeless smiles that you offered everyone. They knew you had been fighting with the man who once followed you around your work place like a lost puppy, the man who would only give you winks and flirtatious kisses that only fueled the fire of jealousy in Xiao’s heart.
  • And as much as everyone in the Inn was worried about you, no one knew of Xiao’s tales. His daily work into slowly turning your relationship with your lover into something dire, and something that could never be fixed again. 
  • He had expected himself to act more cold, to become more unsociable and silent. To everyone, to you, and even to Rex Lapis himself. But, Xiao surmises that seeing you become hopeless at your bleak love life because of his own undoing, he realizes that this is not that bad. 
  • And when you came to him on a starry night, face drenched with tears and eye bags deep and dark like a never-ending abyss, Xiao said you were beautiful. In the silent evening, the sky littered with endless stars, in the balcony where you two used to sit and talk about insignificant matters, Xiao told you he loved you under all of it. 
  • No, he did not care when you cried once again, apologizing to him countless times like it was the only thing you knew. He didn’t care when you talked about how you were also in love with him but couldn’t pursue after him when the kind and strong traveler, with her floating elf fairy appeared in his life. He didn’t care when you told him the reason of your avoidance, he never really cared. 
  • Xiao swore to protect the people of Liyue as ordered by Rex Lapis, the God who freed him from his suffering. He swore to never let any of his citizens get hurt, and protect him until the day Liyue could stand on its own feet and more centuries to come. And he still wears by that. 
  • He couldn’t bring himself to touch your lover, a man of Liyue, but he found other ways to get you back once again. To render both of you hopeless, out of love and out of hope of what used to be your loving relationship, and to welcome you with open arms as he soothes you of your worries and your failed relationship. 
  • All because of him. And you? Xiao was glad that you were none the wiser. 

Venti is Aether’s peace in this world 🤍

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More zhongli!!! What!!!


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my hand is in horrible pain, this is the last time i do this, but anyways Happy (late)Birthday bby

finally got him, so i drew him

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some razors i doodled as an offering to the gacha gods :3c
She is one of my most disliked chars (next to noelle) but a friend of mine’s fav so I drew it for him! because we both suffer
wholesome snuggling attack!

Posted Kaeya’s fanart on his birthday and rolled Keqing today on Zhongli’s banner :(( Gacha gods saw me searching for cor lapis and were like here u go bitch