#fallout 4

Live soon: a little sleepy but excited to play some fallout 4 and start working on settlements one of these days!
Online soon!: It feels like it’s been forever! Finally! Probably gonna play multiplayer games tonight!
So #Craiyon is working much faster lately and I've been going a little overboard
You guessed it… ima be onlime soooon for some fallout 4 survival shreds… just trying to get hangman’s ally and grind for
Chill Settlement Sunday:Online soon! Just planning to play some fallout 4 as It’s been neglected! I’m gonna work on
Hopping online soon for some fallout4 shredddss
my hammy tofu
Super Mutant  always misunderstanding when you ask them to lend a hand.
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fallout 4 dimitrescu mod help me e eeee (mod)
This is one of the alternate vintage ties I picked up for Nick and it's Very Good.
So is this a suitable response?
The OT3 ♥ @solesurvivorpaigeargot

Companions playing Among Us...

Have you ever seen a ghoul this smoochable??
Why bother making a Halloween costume when you can just steal your ghoul bf’s outfit
Fallout New Vegas Cosplay done amazingly right Beatrix Russell never looked so good.

Cosplay by: Elena Samko.