uhhh gay outlaw and ancient civilization king is my favorite ship

How to deal with hungry impostor

Step 1 : Dont let them eat you

Step 2 : throw a snicker

Step 3 : If step 2 failed

Step 4 : Fucking run.

mindless doodling while showing pals some old episodes I liked

Hi, these are my kids

Genshin doodles aka the fact that Razor doesnt have ears but Sucrose does is criminal. Mihoyo  you cowards gib him the
Was talking with my friend and he decided we should each make a little Among Us comic in roughly ten panels, so I whipped
Gaming 2020
fullbody sketch commission for a twitter client! ♥
genshin impact except i change all the character designs

Gay ppl

tone-deaf bard
aether struggles: fischls big lexicon 
thought about Impa and lil Zelda and my heart got all soft
lumine dragon
whale merman childe :>
(mc)Cat found a cursed?? whip through storage while cleaning she asked Sam how long time she need to work to pay for it jhfskdj
childe + some lumines
childe + some lumines

will drawing Childe improve my gacha luck? idk, but I just want him to come home already. pls join my team whale boi😭

ty genshin impact for the lesbians

Tfw your partner is chaotic so you have to watch over their shenanigans

Okay! Only like two of you all responded (which I’m thankful for!! Thank you guys :D) and they gave me free reign to post these sketches so here’s some among us hijinks!

The first one is from the voice proximity stream with 5up. Tubbo was imposter for the second time that day and after wearing forever for imposter, he killed in front of someone then died and started to play various musical instruments to grieve. Also 5up got caught in a killer sandwich and panicked lmao

The second one is the stream Tommy did where everyone was trying to force him to wear cat ears but I was more concerned with the fact that Tommy kept following dream and when asked about it, Tommy said he stayed by him because Dream was a familiar face in the group of strangers. My h e a r t

klee doodles