Filth inside out sinners and saints smiling and shaking hands isn't it sweet

I'm just a drop in an ocean of love a lost ship near your island

[...] And the nights, bigger than imagining: black and gusty and enormous, disordered and wild with stars.

i eat words for breakfastㅡmay it be too salty for my kidney stones or syrupy sweet for my toothache, i had no choice but to

just gotta save water luv

You took me high only to drop me low. I guess you were curious to see how far I could go?


It was all a matter of a Goddess — dark, hidden, deadly, horribly desirable. Anthony Burgess

love sucks

you’ll never see

Voltaire Mikhail Bulgakov Elizabeth Gaskell Alexandre Cabanel / Fallen Angel Allen Ginsberg Gaston Leroux

i’m depressed

i’m just wondering where i went wrong

"Whether we want it or not , we are traveling in spiral. We are all trying to create something from what is gone. "