Ancestors of the modern impostor and crewmate, a dunkleosussus hunts down an annomate. Their battle goes back to when
The Among Us Worm (Amogus imposteri) is a newly discovered marine polychaete worm in the Nereididae family described
Someone is sus. @asklightking / @stephanoodle / @ritzar / @laevigataprime / @besttubahorse
I dunno what this image is capable of but it's capable of something!
amogus ???? that i found in my art folder???
[Image ID: Two images that show a red astronaut from Among Us. In the first one,
little  the munguses ... sleeping like babies . im holding rtem in my hands right now like this
“ ‘Scuse me,  pardon -- Hi, there. Name’s Lieutenant Columbo, LAPD. I’m up here from homicide. Responding to a report about
among us worm flies into the heavens
i don’t like how this came out that much but here it is anyway. moby sus
Amogus sussy baka
drew this on the board in history as a lil gift to the teacher
etho ..among 
im gonna finish the drawing and add grian if y'all want that,,,maybe. cause them as impostors are a very
Driver’s Ed syllabus from last semester looking kinda sus
at least take this *hands you*
(blame @yana125​ for this.)

when Among Us 2...

3 amonga-teers. Not sorry for the pun.
these imposters look gnc af
Holy shit

Me: Lately I've been feeling like I am completing my tasks slower than everyone else, but I know I'm probably too hard ...

some sketches that were all drawn on different layers of the same canvas while I ignored my schoolwork to have while you
So the kids I work with really like Among Us.
+ Bonus
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