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Squid game switch with among us?...

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i'm gonna cry
Squid Game Cosplay Nº456 Alex Mucci

Squid Game is 2021′s Among Us...

I binged Squid Game a week ago lol
Among us 🤝 Squid games

Can’t wait for all the among us costumes from last year to be repurposed for squid game costumes this Halloween...

Inktober day 9: Half of Squid Game was just this. 
Some self indulgent Squid Game doodles to cope with the emotional pain the series put me through
A little sus if you as me
I've been watching Squid Game lately. And I dunno, those folks are kinda sus. (also please I'm only on episode 3, no spoilers)

people who dressed up as the red astronaut from among us last year and the charas from La Casa de Papel the year before and ...

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red light green light