theyre gonna go collect 
I LOVE among us,,,,, Characters belong to me, @cotton-applepatch, @2bencats, @gryphongutz , @ 

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lady dimitrescu
I made some Among Us edits based on the Toppat leader portraits in The Airship! All colors used in the edits came from
Lady Dimitrescu
Castle Dimitrescu
Castle Dimitrescu and the church's altar
Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Alcina Dimitrescu
Alcina Dimitrescu

Charade - Millsmansion - Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse) [Archive of Our Own]...

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will 🚬 

I did this cosplay the day before they announced

I'm sorry what were you saying I was thinking about being found by Lady Dimitrescu after getting lost in a forest and she ...

You'll never guess what I saw today
The Dragon Lady
Gaming 2021

george being adorable as always...

Black Dress (x)
Jokes aside, the wrinkles and make up marks on Lady Dimitrescu's face tho, even the parts under her eyes aren't perfectly