Halloween 2022. The whole gang was there this time. :)
Gaming 2022
just felt like sharing these pics from last christmas
Aha here’s my Stu cosplay 😮‍💨
Gaming 2021
everyone shut up theyre having a conference call
What’s your favorite horror movie?
Okay so I absolutely needed a photo like this of him. Enjoy 😌
Hey 🔪
😂 When the camera goes off during set up and you both look like shocked slashers standing over a victim you *thought*
Dailly Music 2021
Get your ASS back here 🍑🎃🔪 @emilynigma
 the ghostface from dead by daylight is the imposter
Have y’all checked out The Slashstreet Boys’s new video for Halloween this year? If you like horror, Backstreet Boys, or